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How to Book an Episode on the 52 Perfect Days Podcast

42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly

The 52 Perfect Days Travel Podcast is all about featuring destinations from around the world. This podcast is geared towards people who love to travel and are looking for great reasons to visit a new destination.

The podcast will feature how to spend a perfect day in a destination and also share lesser-known aspects of the location. This interview is all about offering new and exciting reasons to add your destination to my followers’ travel schedule.

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About the 52 Perfect Days Podcast

67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly

The 52 Perfect Days audio Podcast will launch on June 1, 2018.

Each episode will run between 15-20 minutes and focus on a handful of questions and topics to share the best about your destination.

This show isn’t meant to cover every aspect of your destination. It is meant to share a part of your story and provide the listeners with new reasons to visit.

What is beyond the surface? What is a great aspect of your destination that visitors don’t know?

This travel podcast is about Destinations and I am looking for tips to visit a location “like a local” and insider info. The podcast is not about focusing on the obvious. So, if you are pitching South Dakota, we won’t be focusing on Mount Rushmore and the top 10 list on Trip Advisor.

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About Your Podcast Host: Alexa

Alexa-Glider-OahuI am the founder of 52 Perfect Days, a travel website focusing on how to spend a perfect day in locations around the world. The majority of my followers are from the United States followed by Canada, the United Kingdom and then Australia.

52 Perfect Days launched in 2007 and is one of the top-rated travel websites.

I am also the host of the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast and website, which launched in 2014. The podcast received more than 12,000 downloads per month and is growing each month.

I have over 200,000 social media followers and have a reach of 500,000 on a monthly basis.

My full-time job is running 52 Perfect Days and Break Into Travel Writing. I am also available for travel, sponsored posts, social media campaigns and more. Let me know how I can help build your destination or brand!


52 Perfect Days Podcast Publishing Schedule

112 million Americans listened to a podcast in 2017 … this is up 11% from 2016

The 52 Perfect Days Podcast will be published weekly (52 shows a year). Each episode will run between 15-20 minutes and focus on questions and topics to share the best about your destination.

Launch: June 1, 2018.

There will be 7 podcasts posted daily for the first week (this helps launch a podcast and get great ratings right off the bat). Following this, the podcast will be published every Thursday. Moving into 2019, our schedule is to produce one podcast a week (52 shows a year).

Episodes Published: Every Thursday.

52 Perfect Days Podcast Interview Process

Each episode will run between 15-20 minutes and focus on a handful of questions and topics to share the best about your destination.

Step One: Introduction of Guest (approximately 1 minute)

Step Two: The laundry list (approximately 30 seconds)

This is your opportunity to share your big selling points. What your location is most known for. The obvious. Bragging rights. Why your destination is already on the map.

  • What not to share: generic descriptions such as “Great restaurants” or “Wonderful hotels”.
  • What to share: Specific attractions, heritage/UNESCO sites, what most people know about your destination.
  • Example for San Diego County: San Diego has world-class beaches dotted along the Pacific Ocean, nearly perfect year-round weather, San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, Home of Comicon, Beautiful Balboa Park with XX museums, Del Mar Races, Legoland and the iconic Del Coronado Hotel.
  • Note: Names only — no descriptions. These are the things your destination is famous for and people can easily research on the internet.

Step Three: Top 5 x 5 (approximately 12 minutes)

This is a focused discussion about five specific things to do/ topics/places to visit in the destination. This is your chance to share a side of your destination that isn’t being told and isn’t widely known.

Choose any five topics from below or choose topics of your choice own such as:

For example:

Top 5 family-friendly things
Top 5 Romantic places
5 Neighborhoods worth visiting
5 Great places to find street art
5 Beautiful Instagrammable Spots
5 Extreme Adventure Activities
5 Best Beaches/Hikes/Ski Resorts/Bike Trails/Romantic hotels/Museums/Parks/Outdoor Activities

Step Four: Weather and When to Go (approximately 1 minute)

  • Details: High Season, low season, best months to visit & why.
  • For example — Visit San Diego in September or October because you’ll find the best weather and no crowds as well as cheaper hotel rates.

Step Five: How to spend a perfect day in your destination (approximately 2 minutes)

This section can focus on any of the above five topics or can be your personal favorite way to spend a day in your location. One more chance to share your destination by painting a picture of one perfect day!

Note: There should be a theme (family, outdoors, luxury, budget, cultural, heritage, foodie, wine, beer, etc).

Step Six: Pitch Your Destination (up to 2 minutes)

This is where you can share all the additional great aspects of your location! What else should a visitor know? What are other great reasons there for visiting your destination?

Podcast Benefits:

  • Podcast featuring the best of your destination. This is evergreen content that will be available on Itunes, Stitcher and RSS.
  • Podcast shownotes page with links back to DMO or Tourism website from 52 Perfect Days.
  • Two or more photos on shownotes page.
  • Up to 5 no-follow links.
  • 4 dedicated Facebook posts in the first 12 months of the show airing.
  • 4 dedicated Tweets per month after the show publishes (tagging brand and using provided hashtags).
  • Additional social media promotion via Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Flipboard, StumbleUpon.
  • Long-term marketing of the audio podcast and shownotes post.

Optional Benefits: 

  • “52 Reasons to Visit” article (that will include social media posting). These posts regularly receive 500-1,000 social shares or more!

A few Examples of “52 Reasons to Visit” Articles:

The 52 Best Things to do in Ireland

The 52 Supernatural Places of Oahu

52 Amazing Places To Hike In Chile

52 Reasons to Visit Aruba

52 Reasons to Visit Norway

52 Things to Do and See in Nova Scotia

52 Best Things to Do and See in Peru

52 Reasons to Visit South Dakota

Podcast Fee:

I’m offering a short-term discounted rate for the first 12 podcast episodes booked. Regular price will be $350, but first 12 podcasts booked will be offered a special rate of $275. There are three options for your destination to be featured:

  • Podcast Episode ($275 for first 12 episodes booked)
  • 52 Reasons to Visit” Article ($250 Special)
  • Podcast + Shownotes Page + “52 Reasons to Visit” Article Bundle ($450 Special)


Please fill out this form to promote your destination: apply to be a featured guest.