Traveling to Extremes

When venturing out into the elements, here’s are a few items that can assist you along the way.

Barefoot Wallets are founded by explorers trekking in the frozen tundra who wanted a wallet that wouldn’t freeze and crack. They crafted a wallet that’s as durable and easy to clean as a duct tape wallet but with a more stylish exterior. The wallet’s interior contains enough slots to hold credit cards, money, receipts and other small paper items. A carbiner clips the wallet on to your backpack or belt to ensure that you know where your critical items are located.

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For those times when you need to jot down your ideas when it’s raining or snowing, the trekker Space Pen will keep writing when other pens freeze up. Wear this pen around your neck or clip it to your belt or key chain for easy access. When you run out of ink, simply insert a pressurized refill cartridge and keep on scribbling away


While no one anticipates accidents such as a malfunctioning backpack or a runaway dog, donning a Survival Strap bracelet can provide you with up to 12 feet of 550 test military spec paracord that can come in handy for unforeseen emergencies. The stainless steel shackle closures are adjustable, thus enabling these bracelets to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. These bracelets come in a wide range of color combinations and different widths, so you can find a bracelet that fits your personal style.


With a SteriPEN Freedom, you can drink the water just about anywhere thanks to this small, lightweight (74g, 2.6 oz.) and rechargeable UV water purifier. In less than a minute, you can have a half liter of water that’s 99% distilled and ready to go. This device can provides 8000 0.5L (16 oz.) water treatments. Also, the end of the Freedom is an LED flashlight. A neoprene case, AC Adapter and USB cable are included with the Freedom.

If you think you’ll be taking home any bulky items, pack along the Handle “it”. This heavy duty utility handle can be attached to a box, case or bundle to easily transport the item home. Handle “it” is TSA compliant, so an item attached with this handle can be checked in at the airport.

Finally to make it easier to identify your luggage, attach one of Jelly Id’s brightly colored travel tags. The name card is hidden inside the card to prevent others from gathering your personal details.



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