When men travel, rarely are there products and items that really go the extra mile to be effective and travel worthy. I recently searched for products to make my next trip the most pleasurable and easy experience.  Not only did I find some really unique items, I also got to see how some companies are going the extra mile to make a man’s travel experience better and easier to enjoy. Follow me to the travel gear vault so I can tell you all about the great items I found.


Red Sun Chaser Travel Bag made by Red Oxx

The Red Oxx Manufacturing Company make the most stylish and rugged travel bags in the most vivid, bold colors with dependably strong fabrics and handles. This bag will last you the rest of your life, and if it doesn’t you can call the company to have them replace it. Red Oxx warranties it for life. Super thick, highly polished and strong hardware with zippers that can take a beating. The flat bottom makes the bag more stable and rigid so it keeps its shape longer.

This bag is very hip and sports like but designed so it can be used as a stylish weekend bag or overnighter.  It has many pockets that have good capacity and sizes that are useful. The shoulder strap is covered in soft rubber for comfort. The price point for this bag is about $155, considering you will use it forever, it’s a pretty good deal. One of the company’s tag lines is “This product is guaranteed forever, be sure to include it in your will”. I love a great marketing campaign and a company with a sense of humor.

Redd Oxx Travel Bags are sold direct and range from $120 to $300.

Connect with Red Oxx
Website: http://www.redoxx.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Oxx-Bags/28851603721
Twitter: @RedOxxAffairs  http://twitter.com/#!/RedOxxAffairs

Traveling to Extremes


ScottVest Clothing

Lightweight Vest for Men
This vest is awesome! You could go anywhere and utilize this vest efficiently in warm or cool climates.

22 pockets. You can even carry your ipad in it. It’s a must have travel item because you don’t need to carry all your items around in bags or a backpack, they are secure on the deep pockets and secret compartments of this great travel vest. It’s made of a lightweight polyeser fabric that is really nice and does not need special treatment as it’s machine washable. The mesh lining keeps you cool when it’s warm out and it actually does a great job keeping you warm in windy weather and adds a nice layer to the outfit. The fabric is Teflon treated so it does not stain easily and it’s rain resistant.

Scott Men’s Three3 Vest is available on Amazon for about $60

Ultimate Cargo Pants
These really are amazing. The offer 16 pockets for almost any item you would need while traveling. The fabric is lightweight and really breathes well, with a soft yet strong feel. The legs of these cargo pants zip off, making them awesome shorts and even more useful. They have magnets in the pocket flaps, I am not sure if this is good or bad. I do know that when I walk by cars the pants are mysteriously drawn to the metal doors. Kind of a new sensation but nice features never the less. Long pockets, short pockets and elastic waist band for comfort. These pants are also good for a game of golf or a casual night out on the town. Or if you zip them off into shorts they are great for a big old fashioned BBQ.

SeV Bamboo Polo

This shirt is super comfortable. Did you ever think that Bamboo could be soft and a pleasure to wear? It’s lightweight and wrinkle resistant. The colors are rich and unique, offering a great mix and match option with your wardrobe. Casual yet functional, the shirt offers three hidden pockets; one in the side for a billfold or credit card and keys, a shoulder pocket with a cord path for ipod headphones. These pockets are all so well concealed they are not visible to the person standing next to you, I even had a problem finding the zippers and all. Good design on this shirt, form, function and sustainability.

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Scottvest Products are avaialble at their website scottvest.com

Connect with ScottVest:

Website: www.scottevest.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeVTravelClothing
Twitter: @scottevest

Face Clean Travel Pack by Anthony Logistics for Men

Rarely do I come across a set of men’s skin products that are designed for travel. Anthony Logistics has done a great job with the four items in this small “Clean” travel pack. The kit includes a vitamin enriched facial scrub to prep the skin and truly clean it. Next is a deep pore cleansing clay which is fantastic and invigorating. The moisturizer is very different because it really lasts throughout the day, this is important as Men’s skin is usually under treated and dry. The products have a medicated feel to them, they tingle and feel like they are working when you apply them. Also included is a facial cleanser and skin lotion to finish the treatment.

Wow, never had a citrus based product like this. I feel so European! It’s like having aromatherapy while washing and treating your face. It really was different and offered a unique feeling of clean like I have had with no other products. The small size versions of these products are a great for traveling and are a good value at between $35 to $60 depending on where and how you purchase them. If you want to try out more than one product from Anthony Logistics, I recommend this travel pack of 4 items. It’s a good value and makes for a memorable father’s day or birthday gift.

The Anthony Logistics For Men Grab & Go TSA Approved Travel Kit is available on Amazon for about $30

Connect with Anthony Logistics
Website: http://www.anthony.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnthonyForMen
Twitter: @Anthony4Men



EveryMan Jack
Shampoo, shave lotion, face scrub, body wash and more for the traveling man who likes to stay fresh and smelling good. Every Man Jack has had their signature mint scented products around for a while. The travel set comes with shaving cream, moisturizing lotion, facial scrub and body wash. Prep your skin properly, get a great fresh shave, and keep your skin happy and hydrated with these healthy products that are packaged in small, travel-sized containers. Nothing beats cleaning up with these mint and cedarwood aroma therapy skin and grooming products for men. Look for the toiletry bag, The EMJ dual compartment toiletry bag for when you’re on the go. At $10, it’s a great deal and an even better gift.

Every Man Jack Skin and Grooming products are available at Target, Fred Meyer and range from $7 to $30.

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Next up will be men’s travel shoe reviews. But, if you are looking for some of the best lightweight travel shoes for men, my favorite is the Merrell Men’s Leather Slip-On. It’s a great walking shoe that is lightweight and perfect for getting through TSA quickly.