Personal Comfort When Traveling

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As someone who had flown on a number of red eyes not to mention very long train and bus rides, here’s a few items I’ve found that can help make for a more comfortable and relaxing trip.

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A pair of Tilley Unholey Fast-drying travel socks can keep my feet comfortable and refreshed even when spending the day trekking through transportation hubs only to spend what feels like an inordinate amount of time sitting in a confined space. The moisture-wicking fabric prevents my feet from sweating while the arch support keeps my feet from hurting when I find myself standing in one too many lines. Also after a day of travel, these socks can be hand washed in the hotel sink and then ready the next morning for another day of travel.

Once I’ve gotten myself situated albeit in a plane, train or bus, I try to carve out a space where I can find a bit of silence around me. I find that foam ear plugs don’t work and noise canceling headphones can be a bit bulky for me to carry. After some trial and error, I stumbled upon Able Planet’s Sound Isolation Earphones. The sound isolation tips block out the noise while the earphones provide high sound quality for watching movies or listening to music. Afterward, I can pack these earphones in a compact carrying case that enables me to pull them out as needed without having them get all tangled up with my other travel gear.

For those times when the cabin lights are dimmed and I can’t sleep, I found I can continue reading with the TravelFlex LED Book Light. The flexible gooseneck allows me to adjust the light so it hits my page without disturbing those around me while the strong clip secures the light to anything ranging from a slim tablet to a thicker seat back tray. One AAA battery will keep this light powered on for 24 hours, so I can read until I chose to doze off.

When I am able to drift off to sleep, Smooth Trip™ Travel Gear’s Hedbed™ Inflatable Neck Pillow conforms to my neck and provides enough support for my chin so I can drift off without waking up with neck pain. This pillow inflates with a one breath, so I can easily store this item and then bring it out when needed. Thanks to the removable washable fleece cover, I can easily clean this pillow en route. Also, fleece eye shades block out any bright lights enabling me to sleep when I need a rest even during a long daytime flight.

Finally, when I awake, I find that spraying on Dermatologica’s Antioxidant Hydramist on my face will perk me up so my face no longer feels tight and dehydrated. This product comes in a 1 ounce size so it packs in my purse while passing TSA screening guidelines.

This pages contains Amazon affiliate links. 

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