Biodegradable Travel Towels come in three sizes and all fit into the palm of your hand. Just dampen it a bit, pull to separate. Great for saving space and perfect for a trip to the beach or to use as a blanket for an impromptu picnic.

The towels are Superabsorbent (up to 10 times their weight), fast drying, biodegradable, reusable, 100% viscose material. Machine washable. Waterproof packaging ensures a dry towel when you need it.

Towels Come in Three Sizes and range in size from the size of a washcloth to a full size beach towel
Beach Towel is 36″ x 60″ and weighs 5 oz. – great for the beach, boating & camping.

Medium Towel 12″x24″ and weighs only .6 oz.
Mini Towel is 12″ x 12″ and weights 0.5 oz. – nice sized hand towel (shown above)

These compactly packed towels are perfect for traveling, backpacking, mountaineering and camping. They take up minimal packing space. Once you have arrived at your destination they can easily be carried in a beach bag, purse or backpack without taking up space like a normal beach towel.

While they are not a plush thick towel, they are perfect for times to throw in your pack or bag for times you don’t want to carry several bulky towels or as a backup.

I recenlty brought along the beach sized towel on a snorkeling trip. After getting out of the water, I unwrapped it and dabbed the water off my skin and the compressed material began to separate. Before I knew it I had a full sized towel to wrap around myself.

What I loved: They are so compact and easy to bring along anywhere.


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