How can travelers keep money, passports, credit cards and other items secure when sleeping overnight in an airport, bunking in a hostel or traversing a busy urban street  without donning an unflattering travel pack that clearly scream “I’m a tourist. Rob me.” Solve this fashion problem by wearing Clever Travel Companion’s underwear or shirts.

This soft cotton clothing comes with secret built-in pockets that lay flat so no one can detect where one’s valuables might be hidden. These items can be easily zipped open and closed without pinching one’s skin. Also, they breathe well, so they can be worn while exercising thus enabling one to walk along the beach while carrying a room key and a bit of change for a latte or bottle of water along the way.

The underwear comes in boy short style for women and a boxer brief for men with both products containing two short pockets with zippers on the front that can hold credit cards, change and keys. Their T-shirts and tank tops have a secret pocket on the stomach that can hold a passport. As the shirts are a bit lightweight, they function a bit better as an undershirt. During the winter season, don their Long Johns with pockets. Choose between soft cotton or lightweight, breathable modal in a variety of colors.

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