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Washington Landscapes

There are two settings that have been particularly powerful in my understanding of the world: the solitude of wilderness and immersion in foreign cultures. Photography is a tool I can take anywhere and it gives me a way to simultaneously tell a story, create art, and unearth part of the human experience. One isolated moment can provide a powerful combination of art and reality that cannot be replicated. This medium has been a particularly important way for me to document my perception of a place, a time, and a people.

Photo Gallery by Ashley Albright

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Travel Talk: Calistoga

Fall is the perfect time to visit Calistoga, the cream of the crop of northern California’s wine country. Napa and Sonoma may get more attention and praise, but Calistoga delivers-and then some.

My wife Emy and I took a mini-vacation (four days) this past November. The foliage (something San Francisco dearly lacks) added to the warmth of this sleepy little town. The population of Calistoga is roughly 6,500, and the locals-sixty percent are sixty-five or older-couldn’t have been more hospitable.

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