When school ends and kids need a vacation, New York City is the place to go to de-stress, even for the parents. NYC has everything from delectable restaurants, educational but fun museums, and cool boats you can ride to get a good look at the Statue of Liberty, or the back of Manhattan. It’s also the place of business, and the start of where many famous celebrities jump-started their career. You might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or get to see a new movie premiere like I did. Here’s how to spend 1 good week.

New York is best place to go to in the summer, but the month you go is crucial. July and August are the hottest months, and even though NYC is in the north, don’t be fooled. Usually, there are 2 main types of transportation in New York: the taxi and the subway. Taxis are assumed to better than anything else because you don’t have to drive, but it can be pricey. And you can’t keep on buying metro cards every time you take the subway. So the easiest way is to just walk, and everyone always needs a little bit of exercise, right?

But the blistering hot sun is no fun so if you’re in need of some cool, breezy weather, May is the month to go, and maybe even the early beginning of July. Hotels are also very important because everyone wants the good location, which most have, the classy interior and exterior, and comfortable rooms. But price is a big issue which is why you should check out www.tripadvisor.com for hotel prices, reviews and ratings. After you check into your hotel, the first day should be spent on going on the Staten Island Ferry. This ferry is free and seats 20 million people each year.

You can see Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and buildings and skyscrapers of Manhattan. After that, you can visit the cool atmosphere of Central Park where you can get some shade, or see the great lawn. There are also available bike rentals, or horse carriages that go through central park. You can also check out a Home Alone movie scene near a riverside boathouse where you can rent rowboats. And if you go a little early before lunchtime, you can see ducks and maybe even turtles.
On day 2, you can go to Times Square and check out the jumbo size screens or you can go to different information centers for Broadway tickets. You can talk to experts who know their way around NYC by heart, or get brochures with coupons to almost every popular place around the city.

At nighttime, you should definitely go to a Broadway show. Tuesday is a great day to go because ticket prices are cheaper and even cheaper when you buy some for a show the same day you bought the tickets. I recommend seeing Lion King like I did. It is one of the best Disney classics; it has probably stayed on Broadway the longest than any other show. There’s action, sympathy, romance, and jokes, and wonderful songs. But whichever one you pick, it will be worth all the money.

On the 3rd day, seeing the Metropolitan Museum of Art is 1 option. This museum will usually last the whole day as it is one of New York’s largest museums packed with everything you’d ever dream of learning about. I recommend you don’t eat in the café though, as food in museums can be very pricey.

On the 4th day, you should visit Brooklyn which is very close to Manhattan. You should go to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria for lunch, which is known to be the best restaurant out of whole New York. After some good pizza, head on over to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, which is right down the road. While you lick your dessert, go onto the next-door dock, which looks out over the East river, and Manhattan. Once you’re all done with your food, walk back to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge, which probably has the best view of the city. Watch out for bikers, though, and if you’re thirsty, just buy water from water bottle sellers on the side of the bridge.

Day 5 can be very busy for you. If you’re in the mood for shopping, go to SoHo, one of the best fashion towns in New York. They have restaurants, shops, even vintage ones. After that, return to Manhattan and explore 5th avenue and Madison Square. There’s everything from Barney’s to Prada and Abercrombie, and even Juicy Couture; the only Juicy Couture store out of the whole USA.

Day 6 is Museum Day. Walk to the Guggenheim museum, which is close to Central Park. Check out the flawless architecture, which is nothing like you’ll ever see for a museum. There are about 6 floors, all packed with pictures of architecture, and different models of the Guggenheim. A tip is to go to the highest floor and work your way down.

Also, Friday is pay-what-you-wish day, so you can go from paying $10 to $1, no joke! After, go to MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, located right in the heart of Manhattan. This museum is international, meaning people who don’t understand English can go here, and pick up a map that has the language you speak. Another important museum to visit is the Museum of Natural History. You can learn almost everything from here, from ancient animals, to long-ago empires. And the location is awesome; a back entry is located right in an underground subway stop. There’s everything from glass exhibits, accurate animal models, cinema movies, and special extras.

Day 7 is your last day and you want to do everything in New York you can’t do anywhere else. Stroll through Central Park and canoe through the lake one last time. Check the park schedules for free shows or just sit in the shade for a while. Go to the stores that are only in New York or get some lunch from a street vendor. You’ll also want to remember the city so buy tickets ahead of time for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty to get a glimpse at the US symbol and to see the back of New York. And if you want to go to the crown, you might want to buy it in advance, only online! And if you’re an artist or a writer, don’t forget to write down all the notes or inspiration you get from the city for either a painting or a story. New York has it all: Drama, inspiration, business, non-stop entertainment… Always visit the city that never sleeps.

1. Staten Island Ferry
– (718) 876-8441
-1 Bay St Staten Island, NY 10301

2. Ellis Island
– 212-363-3200
-National Park Services Liberty Island NY, NY 10004

3. Statue of Liberty
– (212) 363-3200
– National Park Services Liberty Island New York, NY 10004

4. Central Park
-Different #’s for different areas
-Center of New York

5. Times Square
– W 46th St & Broadway Ave New York, NY 10036

6. Broadway

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10028-0198

9. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
– 718-246-3963
– 1 Water St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 nr. Old Fulton St.

10. Barney’s
– 1.888.222.7639
– 660 Madison Avenue New York NY 10065

11. Prada
-(212) 334-8888
-575 Broadway (between Houston St & Prince St) New York, NY 10012

12. Abercrombie
– (212) 306-0936
– 720 5th Ave, NY 10019

13. Juicy Couture
-650 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10019

14. Guggenheim Museum
– 1071 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10128

15. Museum of Modern Art
-11 West 53 Street New York, NY 10019

16. Museum of Natural History
– (212) 769-5100
-Central Park West and 79th Street, New York, NY, 10024-5192

Writer Bio: My name is Victoria Zhou and I have written books, but they aren’t published yet. I have written 2 series about adventure and a girl clique. I grew up in Georgia, but I am originally Canadian.

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