Calling on Palm Springs Celebrities who Love the Desert!
………..Share what you think makes Palm Springs Unique and Perfect!

My Palm Springs Overview

The 52 Perfect Days “My Palm Springs” is inspired by the NY Post Sunday feature called My New York where local icons give a list of their favorite places in the city along with anecdotes.

This new 52 Perfect Days section will feature Palm Springs celebrities, famous icons, personalities, writers, artists, politicians or anyone who is downright interesting in a quintessential Palm Springs way. Celebrities will share between 10 and 15 of their favorite places in town or throughout the desert resort communities.

Share with our readers how you would spend a perfect day in Palm Springs (or anywhere in the Coachella Valley).  Where would you go?  What would you do? The list can include restaurants, stores, parks, nightclubs, museums and attractions. Well, just about anywhere in the desert you hold near and dear to your heart.

The intro to the feature can include a promotion… for example an upcoming CD release for musicians (or upcoming shows), a plug for your restaurant or upcoming special event if you are a chef or restauranteur, for writers it could be a book release and so on.

The Process

Celebrities: you can write the piece yourself or if you prefer a local 52 Perfect Days writer will interview you over the phone or in person. Let us know what sounds best to you!  The only other thing we would need is a photo.  Again, feel free to provide us with one you have and love or we’d be happy to send out one of our photographers for a short photoshoot at one of your perfect places.

Questions? E-mail the editor, Alexa Meisler
Here are a few samples of NY Post pieces:

Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys are as New York as the Bowery, the Yankees and Ed Koch – all of which they referenced on their 1989 record “Paul’s Boutique.” The revolutionary album, created by Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “MCA” Yauch and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, slowly morphed from a commercial flop to a cult favorite and now stands as one of the most influential records ever made. Filled with unauthorized samples that would be unthinkable now, its 20th anniversary edition hits stores Tuesday. This is the New York of “Paul’s Boutique.” By Joseph Barracato

1) The Record Plant, formerly 321 W. 44th St., at Eighth Avenue

Half the album was recorded and mixed here by producers the Dust Brothers, who went on to work with Beck, the Rolling Stones and Tenacious D. The group brought in pingpong and

foosball tables for entertainment, but eventually hooked microphones to them for numerous sound effects used on the album.

2) John Barry’s apartment, 100th Street at Broadway The unofficial birthplace of the group. After Shatan introduced Mike D to guitarist John Berry, they brought in drummer Kate Schellenbach (later of Luscious Jackson) and the foursome churned out killer punk songs pre-dating “License To Ill.”

3) The Palladium, formerly 14th Street, between Irving Place and Third Avenue The dregs of the earth and the eggs that I eat. I’ve got pegs through my hands and one through my feet. Shea Stadium, the radium E M D squared. Got kicked out of the Palladium you think that I cared?” – from “Sounds of Science”

4) St. Anthony of Giovinazzo Feast, Mulberry Street between Broome and Spring streets I haven’t been to St. Anthony’s Feast in a couple of years. I wonder if you can still win the [David] Bowie Coke mirror,” says MCA of the street fest referenced in “Car Thief.” “It’s probably a T-Pain mirror now,” says Mike D.

5) Brooklyn House of Detention for Men, 275 Atlantic Ave., at Boerum Place, Brooklyn Went before the judge, he sent me to the Brooklyn House of D. He said you behave son or we’ll throw away the key. Harry Houdini’d out the cuffs, I kicked the screw in the knee. Took the bailiff’s wallet and went straight to OTB.”

– from “High Plains Drifter”

6) Orange Julius, formerly Surf Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn

It’s the last stop on the wild D-line ride described in “Stop That Train.” The Beasties also give The Post a shout-out: “You know you light up when the lights go down. Read the New York Post, Fulton St. downtown.”

7) Paul’s Boutique, Rivington Street at Ludlow Street A WBAI radio commercial touting “the best in men’s clothing” inspired them to create a fictional shop for the album’s cover shoot. The true location of the defunct Brooklyn store is unknown, but the group purchased and re-routed its phone number to Ad-Rock’s parents’ basement so fans could leave them messages. Now a diner pays tribute to the album in that location.

8) Beastie Boy HQ, 59 Chrystie St., between Canal and Hester streets The group leased a floor in a Chinatown building. “The floor was blacktop – somebody had actually rolled tar across it, like the street,” Yauch told Spin magazine. “One time we were hanging out in the living room and we heard this really loud explosion in the kitchen. Our toaster oven had a hole in the top and the back. There was a hole in the wall behind it and a hole in the ceiling. Apparently, somebody upstairs fired a gun through the floor.”

9) Jerry’s, formerly 101 Prince St., at Greene Street “This is where I met Mike D to talk about the album’s art work,” says Beasties pal Jeremy Shatan, who helped create the album’s cover. “This was a very, very hip hangout where celebrities went for lunch.”

10) Mike D’s apartment, Barrow Street “Johnny Ryall was the bum on my stoop. A lot of times I would be given a Def Jam satin jacket, and I would give it to him to keep him warm,” Mike D says of the “friend” the song was based on. “And Russell [Simmons], who lived down the block at that time, was like, ‘It’s terrible – why you givin’ him [the jacket]?’ ” Adds Horovitz, “You got a bum wearing my jacket?!”

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Martha Stewart

The Queen of Crafts is also a food junkie. Not to be confused with junk food, of course, as this classy New York native is on a first-name basis with elite chefs such as Daniel, Jean-George and David. (That’d be Boulud, Vongerichten and Chang, respectively.) “I like chefs almost more than their restaurants,” says Stewart. “I wish I could eat out two meals a day.” But there isn’t really time for that; not with her morning show, which begins its new season tomorrow, her ongoing personal-brand work and even checking out newly vacant apartments “just to see what’s available.” This is her New York.

1. Momufuko Noodle Bar, 171 First Ave., between 10th and 11th streets

“I’m a big fan of David Chang. I go where he goes. I like all of [his places], but I like the original very much. I just think he’s a genius. I was the first person to have him on [a talk show.] I gave him his James Beard Award.”

2. Dienst + Dotter, 127 E. 69th St., between Park and Lexington avenues

“It’s Swedish and Scandinavian antiques and mid-century modern furniture. I just got my daughter’s birthday present there: two Poul Henningsen floor lamps. They had to be pre-approved, of course. But I just thought they were going to be perfect in her new home.”

3. Madison Avenue, between 58th and 72nd streets

“I have my favorite stores that I like to go into just to see what’s there, like Hermes, Bergdorf’s, Saks and Macy’s. But I’m not a big shopper. It’s not my thing. I’m happy with one pocketbook. I do like to window shop on Madison Avenue, though.

4. Salumeria Rossi, 283 Amsterdam Ave., between 73rd and 74th streets

“I just discovered this. It’s so pleasant. Little plates of delicious Italian food. [Chef] Cesare [Casella] is a really, really interesting do-it-yourself kind of chef. He makes his own prosciutto, his own sausages, his own charcuterie. It’s very, very good and creative.”

5. Wyeth Home, 315 Spring St., at Greenwich Street

“It’s a fabulous, gigantic store filled with mouthwatering modern stuff. I go for inspiration. I’m a hunter when it comes to antiquing. I’m also a changer. Nothing is ever upholstered in [something I like]. I like to spend a lot of time at the upholsterer.”

6. Chinatown

“I like Chinatown for vegetables and fish. I also like fresh water chestnuts and lychees, so I’ll go there to get those things.”

7. Mario Badescu Skin Care, 320 E. 52nd St., between First and Second avenues

“I go here for facials. It’s old-fashioned, old-school, but they have the perfect product. I’ve been going there my whole life. The people I started with all retired, so now I’m onto a new batch! They’re all amazing.”

8. Hudson River Park

“I really like the Hudson River. I photographed the whole park from a boat starting at 59th Street all the way to Battery Park. We went up and down three times to capture the beautiful light. The best light was, of course, when the sun was setting over New Jersey, illuminating all the windows on lower Manhattan. It was like shooting gold buildings. They were so beautiful. I really learned a lot about the skyline. After taking all the pictures, we then blew them up and fitted them together – sort of like a David Hockney – and made a fantastic piece of art out of it. It’s hanging at my office in the Starrett Lehigh building on 26th Street. Those are the kind of projects I like to do in New York because you can really explore visually a lot of stuff.”

9. The Flower District

“I spend a lot of time on 28th Street. You just have to wander in and out of every place. If I’m doing a shoot at my house or a special dinner, I’ll go in there before my TV show, at 7 a.m., to choose what I want for arrangements. Then I’ll send stuff home to be put in water until I get there.”

10. Soba Nipon, 19 W. 52nd St., between Fifth and Sixth avenues

“It’s next to the 21 Club. I adore it. It’s Soba Noodles and they make them there, handmade. I don’t go too often because I’m not eating so many noodles. But I love it there. We even order in from there.”

11. John Barrett Salon, 754 Fifth Ave, at 58th Street

“For color I go to Parvin. She’s the best.”

12. Eleven Madison Park, 11 Madison Ave., between 24th and 25th streets

“I had a very delicious meal there last week. The chef, Daniel Humm, is my guest on my first show. The reason why I like him is that he’s very young, and yet modest and yet amazing. He cooks very, very fine cuisine. Carefully prepared, not belabored. I don’t remember any foam anywhere.”

13. Frederic Fekkai, 712 Fifth Ave., 4th floor, between 62nd and 63rd streets

“Stephane usually cuts my hair. Frederic is out a lot building his business.”

14. Sushi Yasuda, 204 E. 43rd St., between Second and Third avenues

“A friend took me here and I’ve been going ever since. Sushi is my favorite kind of dinner. I’m a Japanese-food junkie. It’s an excellent restaurant that’s all about the sushi and sashimi. I like the special Chirashi sushi and soft-shell crab tempura. He also makes a very special lunch box. It’s not like anybody else’s.”

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