11 Comfortable & Cool Shoes for College Guys

When going from high school to college, many people want to start new, whether it’s with friends, activities, grades, or bettering their bodies. One of the best ways to get a new start in my opinion is revamping your wardrobe for college. Since the staple of an outfit is the shoe, there is no better place to start. Here are the best shoes for college guys in 2022.

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list of mens shoes for college students

Best Men’s Shoes for College 

My eleven favorite versatile shoes that every guy needs for college. One tip before we get to the list.

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For extra comfort wear your shoes before you head to college. If you are heading to your freshman year, you may be surprised at the amount of walking you’ll do on a daily basis on a college campus. So, for the most comfortable fit, you want to wear the shoes around your house or for a few days before a long day on campus.

1. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 | $105 

The Nike Blazer with it’s signature logo is a staple in the men’s shoe game and has recently been more associated in gym culture as a great lifting shoe because of its bottom, which provides stable support and good balance to the person wearing it. The great thing about Blazers is the more beat up they get, the more retro they look, which is very in style.

For $105, it is not the cheapest shoe on the list, but if you are someone who goes to the gym, and wants to go to classes before or after, this is a great shoe to keep you looking stylish while still performing well in the gym. and as casual footwear. It is also known to be one of the longest-lasting shoes in the casual category, making its higher price point more than worth it. 

Find the Nike Blazer Mid ’77 on Amazon

2. Converse Chuck 70 Vintage Classics | $85 

Converse is a classic sneaker. Going back to the 1950s when sneakers started to be worn casually and not just for working out or playing sports, Converse was one of the first big brands that people wore. These Vintage Converse will set you apart from everyone else if you whee this classic pair. Their aged midsoles and overall vintage look takes us back to the 70s while staying minimalist and modern.  By far, the best sneakers in my closet.

Find the Vintage All Star ’70s High Top on Amazon

3. New Balance 515 V3 | $59

Once again, retro is wins. With the dad-style New Balance 515 V3, you can truly rock any 80s-style look. “Dad” clothing is in now, with chunky shoes and baggy clothes, and with these shoes in particular, I believe that fit that vibe while still being slim enough to not put most people out of their comfort zones.

They can be dressed in a modern style with jeans and a t-shirt, or with baggy jeans and a polo to help give off the 80s vibe they are meant to.   

Find New Balance 515 V3 on Amazon

4. Salomon Men’s Trail Track and Field Shoe | $60

Salomon is a pricey brand, and this shoe is on their less expensive end. They look cool and are comfortable. These are the best running shoes for the price. They can also double as casual wear shoes that look great with a pair of jeans and white t-shirt.

Find the Salomon Men’s Trail Track and Field Shoe on Amazon

5. Dr. Martens Combat Boot | $110 

Dr. Martens Combat Boot

Whether you are going to school in California or Michigan, there will be colder days during the school year. I recommend a great boot for colder days, preferably made of leather to keep your feet warm.

The Dr. Martins brand have been in style for a while, and the combat-style boots have been huge lately. Whether you are going for a cool punk vibe or looking for winter boots, they are such a clean look and can work with so many outfits that I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. 

Find these on the Dr. Marten website

6. Thursday Boot Co. Saint Shoes | $176 

Thursday Boots Saint Shoes

While you probably wont be dressing up every day while in college, if you are planning on joining a fraternity, or attending any activities such as live theatre or art galleries, a fancy piece of footwear is essential.

I recommend a double monk strap Saint shoe, as it has the same similar looks as your average dress shoe, while having straps that make it look unique, and even give you an exotic look, helping you sdtand out from the crowd.    

Find these on the Thursday Boot Co. website

7. Thursday Boot Co. Handsewn Loafer | $145 

Thursday Boot Co. Handsewn Loafer

For casual to dressed-up outfits, a simple pair of loafers can be worn with nice jeans, shorts, or dress pants, making them super versatile while adding some class to your outfit. They can also be a great pair of everyday shoes.

These are a great option for an event where you don’t want to show up in sneakers, but also don’t want to be fully dressed up. Whether it’s a night out, a presentation in one of your classes, or a date; a nice pair of loafers will be a great choice in many college scenarios. 

Find these on the Thursday Boot Co. website

8. Clarks Shacre Boot | $100

The Clarks Shacre boots are a similar style to the chukka boot but have been very in style lately due to their hippie style retro look. 

They are 100% Leather, but ultra-lightweight and very comfortable which makes them one of the best casual shoes for everyday wear.

Find Clarks Shacre boots on Amazon

9. Adidas Retropy E5 Shoes $84 

Neutral color shoes are the best option in my opinion because they can go with almost anything. These Adidas Men Retropy E5 shoes come in a tan/cream colorway that will go with any earth tone you want to match it. It gives a great 60’s/70’s vibe without having the style of that era of shoes. Instead, it is a modern sneaker that is so easy to style, that it’s almost impossible to mess it up. 

Find Adidas Men Retropy E5 on Amazon

 10. Birkenstock Arizona | $110 

Birkenstock Arizona sandal

When it gets hot, sandals are the only option in my opinion and Birkenstocks are the best option. Giving off a surfer style, the Birkenstock Arizona’s are on the more expensive end, however, will last longer than any other sandal on the market in my experience, and are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. 

Find the Birkenstock Arizona on Zappos or on Amazon

 11. Shower Shoes | $17

Sharing a community bathroom and shower can sometimes be gross, so the best way to make sure you don’t get germs from the bathroom on your feet is shoes made specifically for the shower. These flip flop style shower shoes are perfect. Just make sure to still wash your feet.

Best Shower Shoes for Men on Amazon

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