Power Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic

I recently went on a cruise to the Dominican Republic. The cruise was one week and once we arrived in the Dominican Republic we were docked in Puerto Plata. My mom and I decided we’d have one big excursion in the Dominican Republic on top of our volunteer work. We decided on power snorkeling because I love snorkeling and I had never tried power snorkeling and it seemed like it would be a really cool experience.

Wild Play Jeep to Susoa for powersnorkeling From the cruise ship, we took a big jeep to the beach in Sousa, which is about 45 minutes from the ship. A boat was waiting to take us out snorkeling. When we got there, we met our guides and put anything we didn’t want to take on the boat in a locker at their office. Then they handed out our snorkeling gear and we headed to the beach to get on the boat that would take us snorkeling.

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wild play boat for Power Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic

On the way to our first dive spot, they explained how power snorkeling works, how the machine works and how to use it safely and properly. The power snorkeling machine is actually very simple to use. There are two buttons (one on each side) that you press to move. There are three settings you can use to go faster that can be used by double tapping the buttons.

Once we got to our first snorkeling spot, we got in the water and they handed each of us a power snorkel machine. Snorkeling with us was an underwater camera man and a guide.

The water was very deep in areas that could range from 20 to 100 feet. There was sea life all over the place including sea urchins, star fish, fish and eels.  The water was crystal clear which allowed us to see the bottom of the ocean and all the fish and sea life.

shot of fish underwater in susoa, dominican republic

At one point, the camera man who was taking photos of us, dove down about 80-100 feet to take photos of eels and other bottom dwelling sea creatures.

eel and reef during Power Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic

The power snorkel has three fins encased in the back of the machine that propel you forward. Using the power snorkel let me get closer to the sea life without scaring them. I think because I didn’t have to use my flippers there was less vibration in the water, so the fish didn’t swim away. The power snorkel was really cool, because I could swim further and faster than regular snorkeling.

Power Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic

The colors of the fish were very tropical which I found very cool and interesting, because where I live in San Diego the fish aren’t quite as beautiful or uniquely colored.

After spending about 30 minutes at the first spot, we got back in the boat and headed for our second destination. The captain let me drive the boat about half way there.

Power Snorkeling in Sosúa in Puerto Plata province of Dominican Republic


When we got to our second snorkeling spot the water was a lot more shallow and we could dive down and see the reefs and sea life much closer. At one point the snorkeling guides picked up a sea urchin and let all of us hold it. I know my lips look weird, but I wanted to show the sea urchin in the photo below.

sea urchin while Power Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic

This spot didn’t have as many fish as the first snorkeling spot, but we were able to dive down really close to this reef and see the natural coral closer up. After that we got back on the boat and they gave us pineapple covered in honey which was very good. Next, we headed back to the beach after a few hours snorkeling.

I think this experience was a very fun way to get to know part of the Dominican Republic. During the drive to Susoa, we saw many people, shops, and downtown Puerto Plata. This is an experience you should definitely try if you have the chance, because it’s incredible adventure you’ll never forget. My words of wisdom = That which you don’t do, you shall regret.

Why Power Snorkeling is Cool for Kids:

  1. It’s a really fun experience and it’s always good to try new things.
  2. It feels like you are gliding through the water five times faster than regular snorkeling.
  3. It’s an awesome adventure.
  4. You get to see lots of fish and coral.
  5. The boat is really fun and you might get to steer it.

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Power Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic near Sosua
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  1. Glad to know more about this. Question.. when you are snorkeling with the power snorkel, does it make your snorkel go all the way under water? I am not good about keeping water out of my snorkel when it goes under, so thats why i didn’t think i could try this excursion.

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