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American Club in Kohler Wisconsin Winter Vacation

Some people may scratch their heads when told that Kohler, Wisconsin is an ideal winter vacation. Located 150 miles north of Chicago, the American Club in Kohler Wisconsin is a luxury haven in the heartland and a hidden gem to many. Only one hour north of Milwaukee, Kohler is both near and desirably isolated.

A winter trip to The American Club Kohler couples the richness of a five diamond luxury property at affordable prices.

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The American Club

The Luxurious American Club Kohler Wisconsin in Winter

Winter Savings at the American Club in Kohler

Luxury offerings often come at a price. A stay during peak season at the American Club Kohler starts at over $650 per night. In the winter, prices come down precipitously with holiday stays starting at $179 per night. In January and February, stays are even less, and start at just $129 per night.  

That’s an 80% discount!

This allows families and even budget travelers to temporarily enjoy the lux life. Even for just a weekend, a trip is well worth it. A stay includes offerings like complimentary champagne upon check-in and afternoon tea. Moreover, free books, magazines, and chess in the library provide even more fun on property. All in all, there is no better way to experience winter luxury than at the American Lodge.

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Did Someone Say, “Ice Bowling?”

Ice Skating at Destination Kohler
Enjoy Ice Skating on Woodlake at Destination Kohler

Included with the cost of a stay is access to wonderful winter activities.  At the front desk, sleds are available to use at the local sledding hill.

Furthermore, those with coordination and balance can enjoy ice skating on Woodlake.  A beautiful lake around which there are shops and restaurants, Woodlake provides local flavor to the five-diamond luxury of Kohler. Unlike manmade rinks, there are no stabilization railings so it is not ideal for beginners.

While those activities are available for snow lovers, the courtyard of the American Club Kohler indulges guests with two alternative options.  First, outdoor ice curling is available for teams of two. A modified version of a sport popularized by the winter Olympics, this activity is easy and similar to horseshoes.

There is also ice bowling.  This involves hurling bowling balls down a lane of ice with haystacks to break the impact.  Most noteworthy, these courtyard activities are whimsically fun and only steps from most guest rooms.

Kohler Waters Spa
Communal Spa Pool at Kohler Waters Spa, Wisconsin

Kohler Wisconsin Spa

The most seasoned spa lover will be blown away by the magnificence of the Kohler Waters Spa. One of only 47 five-star spas in the world, the spa exudes splendor and is truly world-class.  Spread across multiple floors, the communal areas include fire pits, swimming pools, whirlpools, and plunge pools.

Additionally, flavor-infused water and tasty snacks are available for those indulging in spa services.  The services themselves use proprietary Kohler fixtures such as the Vichy Shower System and the VibraAcoustic bath.   Consequently, both are indescribably luxurious hydrotherapy systems. As a result, every little touch of the spa exudes five-diamond luxury.

Golf Course Simulation at Kohler Swing Studio
aboutGolf Course Simulation at Kohler Swing Studio

Golf Kohler

Golf Simulator at the Kohler Swing Studio

While some people fly south to golf during the winter, Kohler visitors can golf all year round.  Rather than heading somewhere warm, golf is available indoors at the newly renovated Kohler Swing Studio.  

With two aboutGolf® branded simulators, the Swing Studio offers technology based on the spin of the ball rather than the impact on the screen.  Guests can reserve time to play a course or can schedule golf lessons.  

Analytics such as clubhead speed, vertical and horizontal angles of upswing, impact, and backswing are all determined by the simulator. In the Wisconsin winter,  there is no better way to spend an hour or two practicing for golf season.

An Array of On-Site Dining

Dining at the Lodge at River Wildlife
Lunch at the Lodge at River Wildlife

No matter your budget, there are plentiful options for on-site dining at the American Lodge.  For a casual meal, there is the Horse and Plow restaurant.  In addition to the Horse and Plow is the Wisconsin Room. While most nights offer traditional American fare, a Friday night “Feast of the Seven Fishes”  is a treat.  

The beautifully decorated and expansive room offers homestyle comfort and large portions. Since it is Wisconsin, delicacies include locally sourced cheese and meat. For the most special occasions, The Immigrant is the best option.  

Tucked underground, this restaurant offers top-quality wines and a chef’s tasting menu.  Each room is decorated to honor the homeland of the building’s former inhabitants. The French Room, the British Room, and also the Dutch room are available for dinner seatings.

For those looking to take a drive to one of the other properties of Kohler, guests can ride in one of two luxury shuttles to Blackwolf Run or River Wildlife.  These locations offer Wisconsin game meat tucked into a rustic setting.  

While at Blackwolf Run, sprawling views of snow-covered golf courses are enmeshed with sledders and cross-country skiers.  At River Wildlife, cardinals, blue jays, and woodpeckers sit at the birdfeeders in the windows. As a result, guests enjoy casual birding while eating Sunday brunch.

Five Star Luxury at the American Club
Five Star Luxury at the American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin.

The American Club Kohler History

In 1918, after making the trip to a new country, unmarried employees at the Kohler factory needed a place to stay.  The American Club Kohler served as a home for immigrant workers coming from Germany, The Netherlands, England, France, and beyond.

As fewer Kohler employees needed a communal lodging place, the building sat empty. While disrepair almost led to the destruction of this property, ultimately it became a 186-room hotel.

Book Your Winter Getaway at the American Club at Kohler

A stay at the American Club Kohler provides fun, extravagance, and relaxation to all guests.  This is a perfect getaway from the demands of life. Finally, there is accessible five diamond luxury in the midwest.  The American Club at Kohler is the ultimate winter resort.

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American Club Kohler

Many thanks to Destination Kohler for arranging the details of my stay and helping to make my most recent stay at The American Club Kohler especially memorable. Photos courtesy of Destination Kohler.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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