The Kahala Resort is a great place to take photos because at every corner and every time you turn around there is an amazing photo op. It was exciting to be on such  a private beach and be one of just a few families. It was so peaceful and serene I cannot recommend it enough. If Hawaii was not beautiful enough the Kahala experience makes it even better and more magnificent. The dolphin experience and show was wonderful to have right outside your patio door. It was like living with wildlife and in beautifully decorated and immaculate rooms. Fishing with your kids was easy and not stressful, a line of kids just walk to the reef and down the beautiful pathway and peacefully fish while you sit on the beach and watch. With scenery and service like this you can rest assured that your money is well spent for a family or intimate vacation. For more on the Kahala check out this article: Comfort Mixes with Luxury at the Kahala.

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