Would you like to improve your Facebook marketing? Are you wondering what Facebook marketing tactics your competitors are using? Or better yet, what resources and strategies the pros are using?
Below I’m sharing with you the top 6 Facebook Strategies for Travel Agents!

#1 Batch and Schedule Your Posts

Choose each day of the week to represent a type of post. For example every Monday you could post an inspirational travel quote or saying. Every Tuesday could be a Travel Tuesday Deal of the Day. Every Wednesday could be a Wino Wednesday post focusing on a wine destination.

Batch your posts by day & theme to make for quick scheduling for the whole month.

Batch your posts by day & theme to make for quick scheduling for the whole month.

You could pick a certain day of the week to give top tips aimed at your ideal client. Let’s say you focus on cruising. You could offer your top tips (anywhere from one tip to 20). Some examples are “Top 10 Tips for Cruising with Kids” or let’s say you focus on European Vacations you could offer “Top 12 Ways to Save Money in Paris”. The list is endless!

Then, schedule out all posts that are not time sensitive. This will save you lots of time with your Facebook posting. Then you just need to go in each day and respond to comments on your posts.

Batching and scheduling posts allows your page to be focused and reduces posting time each week.

Batching and scheduling posts allows your page to be focused and reduces posting time each week.

#2: Use Facebook as a Page Instead of as Yourself

When most people login to Facebook to work on their business page as the admin, they simply jump on the page and comment or post as the business. Did you know that you can actually change your profile so that you are on Facebook as a page and not just as a personal profile acting as an admin on the page as well?

To act as a page on Facebook, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of your Facebook profile and you’ll see an option to “Use Facebook as” with a list of the pages that you have admin rights. When you choose to “Use Facebook as a Page,” you are able not only to post and comment as that page, but also your news feed contains the updates from the businesses your page follows instead of your personal friends and page likes. Pretty cool, huh!

Using Facebook as the page allows you to engage with vertically relevant brands and businesses.

Using Facebook as the page allows you to engage with vertically relevant brands and businesses.

Why would you want to do this? If you happen to own or work for a B2B company or want to create relationships with vertically relevant businesses, it’s a good way to build alliances.

Let’s say you own a travel agency. You’d want to interact with hotels and cruise lines and a whole list of other travel related busineses so that when people check out those pages, they see your (positive and helpful) comments and are motivated to check out your business. Of course there’s a fine line—you don’t want to post too often or be so complimentary that your posts appear insincere, spammy or otherwise annoying. But posting as a page is a great way to network with similar businesses and leverage the marketing power of Facebook.

#3: Curate Content

This boils down to leveraging information that’s already online and sharing it on your Facebook business page. Posting curated content is a great way to vary your Facebook marketing strategy. This allows you to continue learning by reading content from the experts in your field, industry bloggers, and vertically relevant business while allowing you to establish useful relationships with these authors and providing your followers good and useful content. This goes hand in hand with the above tip #2 “Use Facebook as a Page Instead of as Yourself”. So, make sure you are using the page as the business and like vertically relevant Facebook business pages and pages for the thought leaders in your industry (the top bloggers and speakers) and search out additional interesting tips, news and useful information your potential customers will enjoy and find valuable and share it on your business page. Then once a week or so, share their post onto your page. It will show on their feed as engagement from your business and the business and their fans could notice.

Share posts your readers will benefit from as your business page.

Share posts your readers will benefit from as your business page.

#4 Run Targeted Like Campaigns

Head to your ads manager and start a like campaign that is targeted! Super targeted! It’s no use growing your likes with a bunch of people who will probably never want to use your services. It’s not worth the excitement of a bigger follower number, but not getting your ideal customers as followers.

So, instead pay a few more cents a like (anything under .30 cents is great for a like these days) and target with interests, behaviors and demographics. This can take a little time to hone in, but if you play around with these three areas you can really target ideal customers. For example, as a travel agent wouldn’t it be useful to target people who travel frequently? What if you specialize in cruises… wouldn’t it make sense that you want people to like your page who cruise often?


#5: Split Test Like Ads between Mobile and Right Column

It seemed like the right column for like ads worked brilliantly for the last year or so, but just recently I’ve found that I’m getting a lower cost per like with mobile. I don’t ever run like ads in the desktop news feed.

So, create one ad with photos (up to 6 if you use the ad manager) and text and run it only to mobile (so you’d removed desktop and right column). Then create a second ad and run it only to right column. After about 24 hours you’ll see it’s pretty clear which is giving you the best like price. Also, if you run the ads with more than one photo you can click into the ad to see what each photo is averaging per like. Deactivate any photos except the one with the lowest like cost.

#6:Claim your Call to Action


Facebook recently added a call to action button on business pages. This allows you to do a variety of things such as sign up for a newsletter, book now, watch a video and many other options. You can have potential new clients bop right over to your website or learn more about your services with one click. Even better, you can grow your email list from Facebook!


So, there you go. Six awesome tips that will help you grow your Facebook with ideal clients and let Facebook turn into a way to truly connect with new travel loving clients! Have a question? Please feel free to email me at alexa (at) 52perfectdays.com.

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