One of America’s oldest cities, Boston is where past and present come together. Both the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, Boston was the site of several important events and battles in the American Revolution, including the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre. Boston is bordered by the Charles River to the north and Boston Bay to the east. The city is part of “Greater Boston,” a region that includes the neighboring cities of Cambridge and Quincy. In addition to its historical significance, the Greater Boston area is also home to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

What to Do

Boston is a pedestrian-friendly destination and visitors can easily spend a day or two walking through the city. Freedom Trail is a walking tour that highlights the city’s role in the American Revolution and includes museums, parks and other historic markers. Other walking destinations include the historic neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and North End. Shoppers can walk along Newberry Street, a destination lined with 19th-century brownstones, high-end boutiques and bohemian shops. Baseball fans will enjoy a visit to Fenway Park, the historic home field of the Boston Red Sox and the oldest sports arena in the country that is still in use. Foodies will enjoy the various seafood restaurants the city has to offer. Music lovers will want to check out Central Square, home to some of the best live music in New England.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of options in Boston, from budget-friendly hostels to five-star hotel rooms. Visitors should pay close attention to the location they choose to stay in. Boston is easily accessible by foot, and accommodations near the city’s center will make a walking itinerary easy to achieve, while budget rooms on the outskirts of town will require additional planning.

Getting There

Boston is accessible by a variety of transportation options. Logan International Airport in East Boston offers shuttle services into the city, as well as buses that connect to the city’s subway system. Amtrak serves Boston’s North, South and Back Bay Stations.