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Family Friendly Key West

The southernmost city in the continental U.S. offers more than just spicy conch fritters, sizzling sunsets and drunken Jimmy Buffet songs.

Key West is of one of America’s quirkiest places where oddballs rule and eccentric’s rock. From roosters roaming the streets to spring breakers strutting their stuff, Key West caters to all walks of life and lifestyles. And it is more family-friendly than you might think with a fun, eclectic and electric atmosphere permeating the streets, day and night.

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Miami… Vice Style

When I think of the many great TV shows from my childhood, one thing comes to mind – great opening sequences. Who can forget Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari roaring off onto the highway, or the cool brown and orange two-seat helicopter soaring in and around the volcanic mountains of Hawaii. Of course, we can’t mention Magnum P.I. without conjuring thoughts of Hawaii…Five-O that is, with the thundering waves and hula-dancers.

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Food-Time Stands Still In Miami

I have to admit right from the start of this article – I eat meat. That might make you think I’m not worthy of writing this article, and rightfully so. But I do practice conscious breathing, attend yoga classes once in a while and have read the Power of Now by Eckart Tolle, Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh, and The Tao of the Jump Shot by John Fitzsimmons Mahony.

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Miami, Delray Beach

Undeniable Charm of Delray Beach

There’s no denying it, South Florida is a sprawling and overcrowded urban mess, with traffic and heat and plenty of confusion. There’s the infamous history and current problems as well, but in a region full of cities that can’t escape vice pasts, a little town stands alone.

Delray Beach is about an hour drive north of Miami, but may as well be a world away. Just thirty minutes south of posh Palm Beach, Delray is an unusual mix of casual wealth meeting Americana. Home to a variety of ages and lifestyles, there is nothing more defining than its undeniable charm.

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Live Music – Alive in Miami

Video may have killed the radio star, but now "The DJ" is on trial for attempted murder in many places across the country. The alleged victim – live music. Music created by humans, for humans, in real time, where there is eye contact, smiles, nods of appreciation, and bursts of clapping and dancing when that "feeling" just can’t be contained any longer.

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