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A Day in Beautiful Balboa Park

San Diego has a plethora of attractions to offer, and Balboa Park is easily one of the cities most beautiful places to visit. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, an art lover, or someone who’s just trying to understand more about the world that we live in.

Certain parts of the park, such as the San Diego Zoo and the Reuben H. Fleet Center, are constantly on the tourist stops, but there are so many other venues, attractions and gardens to visit, one day would not be enough to fit them all in.

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Hanoi’ Sacred Guardians and the 1000th anniversary festival

As Hanoi prepares to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of its founding, take a close look to four temples built to protect the city from all direction

1. East: Bach Ma Temple
The oldest of the four sacred sites is Bach ma (White Horse) Temple, located at 76 Hang Buom Street, Hanoi. Bach Ma Temple was built in the ninth century to worship Long Do (Dragon’s Belly) – a patron saint of Hanoi. Legend has it that Cao Bien, a Tang Dynasty official, try to use his magic power to overcome a deity, but lost. He is said to have built an altar to exorcise the spirit on this site

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