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Boston on the 4th of July
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Exploring Boston on the 4th of July

Boston, one of the places where the American cradle of liberty was hewn, is a super choice for passing the 4th of July. That’s where the day moved, to Boston, but it began in Manhattan. I left one friend’s upper West Side flat and got on the Bolt Bus, $20 to Boston with on-board wifi internet and a plug for a laptop: sleek, clean and quick. Dropped me at Boston’s South Station and my friend, Nancy, picked me up.

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Boston Red Line Pub Crawl

Boston’s own mayor-for-life, Tom “Mumbles” Menino, prides himself on the fact that his city is a pedestrian paradise. He’s right–it is. Although a cynic may point out that Boston is also a driver’s third circle of hell. See, out west, people had time to design cities. Boston just sort of happened, and when they ran out of room, they filled in the ocean with trash and built luxury condos on top.

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Beer and History in Boston’s Faneuil Hall

Nestled among the financial district, North End, and Boston Harbor, Faneuil Hall sits in cobblestone among some of the oldest and twistiest tangles of streets in Boston. An inevitable part of a visit to this city includes a stop at this tourist hub filled with restaurants, shops and souvenirs galore. Aside from the bustle of tourists, the area has a decidedly British feel. Not far from the waterfront, this is where you will find that lobster you’ve been waiting for as well as other traditional New England fare.

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