Finding a great travel deal is a matter of timing and knowing where to look. We all prioritize what is most important for travel. For some it’s cost, for others it’s the destination. It could also be the length of a trip or it could be based on adventure, culture or so many other things.

A lot of people think travel is too expensive and don’t understand how to research to find a great deal. There are so many great tools, apps and websites today that share great deals on flights, hotels and travel packages.

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More Ways to Save on Travel & Travel Deals

My 3 Favorite Ways to Save Money on Flights!

1) Booking a multi-stop flight
Companies like Airtreks offers multi-stop flights for a fraction of the price that you’d pay if you bought separate tickets. One example is this route:

Los Angeles – Paris – Berlin – Stockholm – Bangkok – Singapore – Tokyo – Los Angeles for as little as $1350

You can see the above route: Big Planet on a Small Budget at Airtreks or you can search for custom multi-stop flights.

2) Be Flexible with Your Flight Dates
Flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be cheaper than flying over a weekend. Flying during holidays and in summer are almost always more expensive as well. Many airlines also offer calendars now, that show the cheaper days and months to fly.

3) Travel in low season
January, February, May, September, October and the first half of November tend to have much better deals to most locations.


Flight deals

The biggest issue is finding the deal before it disappears.  I am always checking airfare, looking for travel deals and researching destinations. So, I thought I’d share where I go for travel deals and tips, as well as where I research destinations.

I also want to share some of my favorite travel experts, because I rely on other travel writers and bloggers for great travel tips.

best travel deals

One-way & roundtrip flights

When it comes to one-way or roundtrip flights, I use these websites:

I love Google Flights. I use is quite a bit when I want to find the cheapest deals from my hometown. The world map graphic is a great way to quickly see many travel deals from anywhere in the world. There are many times, that I’ll book a flight because of a great fare and work on all other details after I buy the plane ticket.

I’m subscribed to Airfarewatchdog, the Flight Deal and Holiday Pirates newsletters so I don’t miss any flight deals. Often you’ll find the same deal on all the sites, but getting the newsletters in my inbox each day helps me keep an eye on most airfare deals and sales. I also love Airfarewatchdog, because you can add specific alerts from specific airports or to certain destinations.

Around the World (RTW) Flights

As I share above, Airtreks is my favorite multi-flight company. These flights are also referred to as around the world flights and RTW flights.

You can create a sample RTW itinerary with the Airtreks trip planner below:


Plan a trip of a lifetime! You can research thousands of flight combinations to
create one-of-a-kind routes for your next round-the-world trip.

Start by simply adding your departure location below:

Best Hotels

My absolute favorite hotel booking sites are HotelTonight and Hotels.com. I have the apps loaded on my iPhone and if you enjoy more seat of your pants travel, and enjoy rolling the dice a bit, HotelTonight is great. It doesn’t work for all travel, but there are times I love to keep the itinerary open and book my hotels on a day by day basis. I know this isn’t for everyone, so I also subscribe to and recommend the following:

Getting their emails keeps me up to date on city sales. Often, I look up the rates on their websites and then go over to the hotel’s website to book directly, as there is usually a lower rate — and I can then get points too.

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More Travel Planning: