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Richard Basch is a writer, photographer, and TV producer living in Venice, CA. He spent the last year teaching film history at Chapman University's Dodge College while travelling around Mexico and writing stories for a variety of publications. He has written for "The Washington Times", NPR's "The Savvy Traveler", "Modern Maturity", "The Arizona Star" and

He is currently producing a TV documentary on Herman Mankiewicz, the writer of "Citizen Kane" and doing assignment photography in Southern California and elsewhere. His photographs can be seen at and his writing can be seen at

Boston on the 4th of July
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Exploring Boston on the 4th of July

Boston, one of the places where the American cradle of liberty was hewn, is a super choice for passing the 4th of July. That’s where the day moved, to Boston, but it began in Manhattan. I left one friend’s upper West Side flat and got on the Bolt Bus, $20 to Boston with on-board wifi internet and a plug for a laptop: sleek, clean and quick. Dropped me at Boston’s South Station and my friend, Nancy, picked me up.

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