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Marion L. Head is an educator and freelance writer who lives in Seattle, WA. Marion has published fiction in various anthologies and nonfiction on various websites. Marion is author of South Dakota: An Explorer's Guide for Countryman Press.


Weird Seattle: Best Tours and Festivals

Seattle? Weird? The home of pocket protectors and black, horn rimmed glasses? Well, yes. Don’t forget this is the very same Seattle that produced Jimi Hendrix, the Grunge movement and Kurt Cobain. Sure, there are enough geeks to fill the busses every morning on the way to Redmond but there are still plenty of ex Hippies and apathetic, flannel clad guitar players to keep Seattle interesting. Welcome to Weird Seattle.

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Exploring Arts in Seattle

The new and improved Seattle Art Museum and the very new Olympic Sculpture Park make Seattle a premiere destination to enjoy the arts. Pick a day when you can enjoy being outdoors-which might mean accepting the rain-for the sculpture garden and immerse yourself in great art.

The first stop is SAM, or Seattle Art Museum. Before heading in stop and admire the 48-foot kinetic sculpture that is SAM’s symbol, "Hammering Man" right outside the door.

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