Cintia Soto

About the Author Cintia Soto

My passion for photography began when I was living in and travelling around Italy for several years. My time there inspired and motivated me to take my photography to another level. I started my blog as a traveler, focusing mostly on culture and gastronomy. My work started getting noticed and the blog began accruing followers who enjoyed the photography. This inspired me to submit work to and win an international APPI 2011 award in landscape photography! That was it. I was hooked. Receiving that award encouraged me to start my career as professional photographer. I focus on shooting food because I am passionate about gastronomy, the history, the culture and travel. I work with many lauded chefs in Baja California and have collaborated with Expo Milan 2015 in Italy from California, as a food photographer and writer representing Mexican food. My photos have been featured in publications including Travel + Leisure Mexico, Southwest Airlines Magazine, (Front cover one year ), Magazine Avenida Tijuana, the Todos Santos Magazine cookbook, and the book for I have collaborated with leading gastronomy related companies like Chefwork, and culinary festivals in Mexico that have invited me to submit two exhibitions in Italy about Mexico and its food and traditions in 2013 and 2014. I’m a co-owner of which is a gastro-our company founded three years ago with which I do also workshops of food styling photography and Travel photography.