Travel Guide: One Perfect Day in Singapore

It is a great location to visit any time of the year due to its tropical East Asian location. With a world-class airport and the newly open jewel, this is now one of the most sought-after places for a stopover in the world, and here is why.

Fascinating cultural sights, beautiful gardens, amazing animals, and fabulous street food are what make Singapore an amazing place to visit.

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Singapore’s National Flag

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One Perfect Day in Singapore 


Singapore is a small country (one of the world’s smallest in fact) with a population of 5,808,339 million and a land area of 682.7 square kilometers. But, the island has plenty to eat, see and do. Below is how to plan one perfect day in Singapore.

Things to do in Singapore

The Start to the Day – Sentosa Island

Sentosa island is full of fun things to do but can be costly. I would highly be recommended for starting the day by getting back to the basics with nature and walk through the jungle. There are many paths that this walk can take you, so it is a great way to explore the island. It will take you away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s vibrant city. You can head to the ocean for a swim or go directly to one of the change rooms to have a shower and get your ready for the rest of the day.

Shopping – Vivo City

You can walk to or catch the monorail across to Vivo City Shopping mall most people know this area for one thing and one thing only – SHOPPING!! This shopping mall has every type of stall, ranging from international brands to local stalls.

Great view – Marina Bay Sands

Why not check out this world-class hotel with its superb view of Singapore. Head over to either end of the foyer in the Marina Bay Sands, and you can pay to go up to the rooftop. You will not be able to view from the infinity pool unless you are a guest of the hotel, but you can have a drink with money you paid to enter the rooftop terrace. 

A little bit of history – Raffles Hotel

This newly renovated establishment is iconic for its colonial-style architecture and the invention of the Singapore Sling. Raffles was open back in 1887 and still holds that old-world charm. Head over to the long bar and try one of the infamous Singapore Slings, dive into the free peanuts and yes, throw the peanut shells on the floor!!! 

Raffles Singapore
Raffles Hotel

Cool Places to Eat and Drink in Singapore


No need to book, but if you get there early enough you can grab a table right on the beach (literally), with the sand between your feet and overlooking the oceanfront, grab yourself a coffee or breakfast in this beautifully decked out beachfront restaurant. Coastes can be found at 50 Siloso Beach Walk and is open from 9 am every day. 

The Wine Connection

The Wine Connection can be found dotted all around Singapore and to date (the ones I have tried anyway), have all been at a high standard. The restaurant is a great place to go for lunch and to pair the perfect wine for your meal or better still grab a bottle of wine for later.

Lavo Rooftop Bar

Sit outside and enjoy the surrounding view of Singapore, you will not be able to find a place with a better view. Lavo Rooftop Bar has been named in the top ten of the best Singapore Rooftop bars for the past few years. Once upstairs you will see why, whether you choose to have a cocktail in the afternoon or come back at night for dinner, this restaurant and bar should be on your must-see list.

Fun facts about Singapore

1. Sentosa Island was once a British military base come Japanese war camp, which was renamed Sentosa Island in 1972.

2. The tradition of throwing monkey nuts on the floor stems back to the days of the British empire when nuts cost virtually nothing to buy and were given free at the bar, as the floors were made of wood and to sweep them became very dusty. The nutshells helped to keep the dust down. The floors are obviously varnished now, but tradition remains. 

3. Marina Bay sands, is currently one of the top 40 largest hotels in the world. 

4. The jewel’s centerpiece is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

5. The four commonly used languages of Singapore are EnglishChineseMalay, and Tamil.

The Jewel
The Jewel

Where to Stay in Singapore

Budget Hotels in Singapore

CapsulePod at Aljunied

The CapsulePod@Aljunied hostel is famous for its pod-style accommodation. It’s ideally located and a highly sought-after hostel, with a cost-effective advantage.

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The bohemian Hostel

The Bohemian Hostel is in a great location, it has affordable rates and a relaxed vibe. This hostel also includes a free airport shuttle when booking.

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Luxury hotels in Singapore

Raffles Hotel

With its old-world charm, ideal location and sought-after availability, Raffles Hotel should be high on anybody’s priority list. This hotel brings back the old Singapore in a way most other hotels can not.

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Marina Bay Sands

A highlight of this hotel is the infinity pool and overlooking Gardens by the Bay. This hotel is not only in a great location, but the views (day and night) are worth the extra dollars.

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Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

A few Top Tours in Singapore


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