At Top Las Vegas Restaurants, Exciting Meatless Menus Are Designed with the Vegetarian in Mind! Whether you are a true vegetarian, a vegan, a once-a-week-vegetarian or you just wonder how people make it through life never eating meat, the vegetarian menu choices available on The Las Vegas Strip will delight your senses and make for a truly memorable dining experience – sans meat.

The Border Grill at The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino
Renowned chefs Julian Serrano, sushi master chef Stephane Chevet and longtime cooking partners Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger have created some of the most unique and delicious vegetarian options that will exceed your expectations. Our first stop is South of the border at Mandalay Bay’s Border Grill. This casual chic restaurant may be a popular meeting spot but it’s not your everyday Mexican restaurant. Executive check Mike Minor has adopted the famous upscale Mexican recipes from Hot Tamale chefs Milliken and Feniger. Each is filled with the flavor and festivity of Mexico. Portabello Mushroom Mulitas are so bursting with meaty flavors, you don’t even miss the meat.

Poblano Enchiladas with manchego, panela and cotija cheeses make for a corn-flavored hearty entree, and the Watercress and Hass Avocado Salad hits home with its spicy undertones. Each menu item features a unique combination of the true flavors redolent of Mexico, echoing hints of haute cuisine. Exotic ingredients, elaborate sauces and produce used at the perfect point of ripeness give each bite intensive flavor and appeal.

The Ultimate Border Grill Vegetarian Experience Menu is a satisfying three-course dinner that includes their amazing appetizer sampler, choice of signature entree and a selection of some of the best homemade desserts you will ever taste. $42 per person.

Shibuya at the MGM Grand

Our second stop is the beautiful Shibuya restaurant at the MGM Grand for an incomparable, elegant five-star dining experience. The Vegetarian Menu is an artistic wonderment that delights both the palate and eye.

The ruby red and green Seaweed Salad Tasting comes in shell-shaped glass presented on a wooden tray of sea salt. It’s so beautifully displayed it almost appears to be an underwater arrangement. The five different flavors in the Warm Japanese Mushroom Salad create a tender but woodsy aroma and a heavenly sublime mushroom experience.

The Mango Sashimi Dessert transforms mango into delicate round fresh “pasta” leaves uniformly folded over with touches of color and sesame stick candies. The six-course Vegetarian Menu offers an artistic and delectable presentation of Japanese-inspired plates for $55 per person.

Julian Serrano at the Aria Hotel
For a taste of Spain and traditional tapas, venture on over to our third stop: Julian Serrano, in the upscale and modern Aria Hotel. Spain—the country who spearheaded the now ever-present small plate trend—has been serving up appetizing tapas in neighborhood taverns for decades. However, the tapas experience takes on a new dimension inside the outrageously plush and colorful Chef Serrano’s dining room.

The minute you sink into the black lacquered and purple tufted dining chairs you get the sense you are in for something special – and you are. You’ll soon discover the striking tapas plates match the vibrant temperament of the establishment.

Bold Red Piquillo Peppers are bursting at the seams from the goat cheese-stuffed inside and come with a tomato-ripened puree that is neither bitter nor tart, but pungent and velvety with the richness of homegrown tomatoes.

Pan Manchego is a simple yet delicious plate of toasted bread, one-year-old manchego and tomatoes. Creamy Risotto with Wild Mushrooms, garnished with a hefty sliver of manchego cheese, enhances the cooked-to-the-perfect-point grains that remain slightly firm and chewy.

Sauted Baby Spinach is sauted with sherry (an integral ingredient in Spain), and has small apple pieces, raisins and pine nuts to make for a robust and original creation of an old standard.

For a dynamic way to end the meal, try the Hot Chocolate with Crispy Sugar Balls – a wonderful concoction of dark melted chocolate and paprika served in its own espresso cup. Yum. Vegan and Vegetarian Tapas range from $3 to $12, and the knowledgeable wait staff recommends starting out with five plates. What & Where:

What & Where:

The Border Grill at The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino (3950 Las Vegas Blvd South; 702-632-7403)
Shibuya at The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (3799 Las Vegas Blvd South; 702-891-3001)
Julian Serrano at The Aria Hotel inside The City Center (3730 Las Vegas Blvd; 877-230-2742)

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