The Best Travel Stories on 52PerfectDays in 2018

This year I am proud to have worked with many freelance writers and travel bloggers to publish their travel articles focused on places all over the world. This list celebrates the best guest posts of 2018. These articles showcase everything from lesser-known destinations in the United States such as Northern Idaho to the exotic foods of Istanbul.

The deciding factors include the location of the story, social media shares, how many visits the article received, quality of the photographs, writing style, passion conveyed by the writer and how much the article could inspire travelers.

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Enjoy and make sure to tell us in the comments which of the below stories is your favorite!

The Best Travel Stories on 52PerfectDays in 2018

1. Best Things to do in Taiwan | 52 Reasons You Must Visit by Nick Kembel

After 10 years living in Taiwan, Nick shares the absolute best things to do in Taiwan and why everyone should visit. From the night markets, to musical garbage trucks you’ll find a perfect list of things you must check out in Taiwan.

2. What To Do In Rishikesh: A Guide To This Beautiful Region by Manmohan Singh

Rishikesh is an anomaly in India. It is famous as the yoga capital of the world, one of the divine and holy places in India and the adventure sports capital of India. You can find spiritual awakening, yoga retreats as well as white water rafting and bungee jumping. Manmohan shares a place that is both dreamy and soul-filling as well as a thrill-seekers paradise.

3. Best Istanbul Restaurants, Street Food & Turkish Coffee by Scott Bay

Guide to a Full Day of exploring Istanbul’s Insanely Delicious Culinary Offerings including Istanbul Restaurants, Street Food & Turkish Coffee.

4. Hot Air Balloon Adventures In Gallup New Mexico by Todd Meisler

This article was written by my husband after an amazing experience we had hot air ballooning in Gallup. Explore the ins and outs of setting up a hot air balloon and then soaring over the red rock canyons of Gallup, New Mexico.

5. How to Spend a Perfect Port Day in Cozumel by Dan Bagby

Dan shares a perfect port day in Cozumel during a Royal Caribbean cruise with his wife. If an ATV ride in a jungle, snorkeling in the crystal clear Caribbean and cliff jumping into a natural pool sounds like an amazing day, this is the story for you!

6. 52 Perfect Picks for Women’s Travel Clothes & Gear by Mary Garrison

While this isn’t destination focused, it does provide a wonderful list of the best travel products for women you can find anywhere. The time Mary spent to create and organize this list of women’s travel clothes and gear deserves a top spot on our best of 2018 list!

7. A Perfect Weekend: Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco by Erika Beach

Erika shares an Alcatraz inspired weekend in San Francisco. The history and mystery behind Alcatraz extend beyond the island that is home to this infamous prison. Learn about restaurants, hotels and museums that also celebrate the darker side of San Francisco.

8. Best Barcelona Food Tour: A Sampling of the Gracia Neighborhood by Crysta Parkinson

Learn why a food tour is a great way of really digging in and getting to know a place like a local. Crysta shares the unique cuisine of Barcelona, Spain during her tour of the Gracia neighborhood.

9. Jekyll Island, Georgia – Travel Back in Time by Melanie Pollard

Melanie shares the little known location of Jekyll Island, located on the coast of Georgia. This once was where the wealthy elite of the United States would winter in the late 1800s. Today, you don’t have to be a Rockefeller or Vanderbilt to enjoy the

10. How to Spend 3 Days in Barcelona by Linda Smith

Whether you’re heading to Spain on your first European vacation or are a seasoned pro at holidaying on the continent Barcelona is a great place to visit. Linda has done all the legwork and created a great 3-day itinerary for Barcelona!

11. 10 Reasons to Vacation in Northern Idaho by Tami Wilcox

Idaho’s panhandle is one of the most underrated locations in the United States. It’s a gorgeous part of the United States with an amazing array of options for outdoor fun. Tami shares why northern Idaho is also great for budget travel and why even during peak season, you’ll find hardly traffic or inflated prices for your trip.


The Best Travel Stories on 52PerfectDays in 2018

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  1. Thanks for compiling this list. I can’t wait to read the Barcelona ones, for some reason I haven’t gotten to visit there yet. Northen Idaho sounds lovely too 🙂

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