The 20 Most Popular Travel Stories on 52PerfectDays in 2018

If you are looking for some of the best and most popular articles on this website, look no further! Below I am sharing my most popular articles from 2018. This list is created based on my Google Analytics and total unique views each article has received. Below you’ll find the articles that have been visited most on my site during 2018.

The 20 Most Popular Travel Stories on 52PerfectDays in 2018

  1. Viking Danube River Cruise – Passau to Budapest (Most Read Article in 2018)
    This article shares my 21st wedding anniversary trip on the Danube Waltz Viking River Cruise. Have you dreamed about taking a Viking River Cruise? I share every detail of what a Viking River cruise, from booking a trip to the excursions, food, and entertainment.  Read about this 8-day Danube itinerary with highlights of Passau, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest and visits to enchanting castles,  gorgeous landscapes, and fairy-tale villages.
  2. The 52 Most Haunted Places in Oahu
    Not only is this article the 2nd most read article in 2018, but it is also one of the “all-time” most visited pages on my website. Oahu tends to conjure thoughts of Waikiki, the North Shore, surfing and gorgeous beaches. But this article explores another side of Oahu– the haunted, supernatural and spooky side. Read on if you dare!
  3. A Perfect Aruba Vacation on a Budget
    Aruba has one of the best climates in the Caribbean and rarely if ever sees a hurricane. Because of this, the weather is gorgeous year-round. But, like many Caribbean islands, Aruba can be expensive. The good news is I have a few secrets to share so you can visit this gorgeous island on a budget.
  4. 27 Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands
    If you are looking for a tropical vacation, this article is a must-read. I collaborated with some of my favorite travel writers and bloggers to create a list of the absolute best Caribbean Islands. Whether you are looking for a hidden paradise, a jungle adventure or bliss on a white sand beach, this article has you covered!
  5. 52 Best Things to do in Ireland
    This article may be the 5th on the list of most read articles, but it has the most social shares with over 17,000. Ireland is a hot destination and if you are thinking of a visit, this is a great list to review so you can find some of the best things to do when you arrive on The Emerald Isle.
  6. 9 Ways to Save Money While Traveling in 2018
    Who doesn’t want great ways to save money during a trip? Usually, that means you can travel longer or more often. So, don’t be surprised when you see my top tips for saving money while traveling in 2019!
  7. Is Juarez Safe to Visit? Exploring a Mexico Border Town 
    This was one of my favorite articles I wrote last year. I had never visit Juarez and had only heard and read extremely negative stories. Find out why I loved my time in this border town and all of the amazing things Juarez, Mexico has to offer.
  8. 17 Magical Christmas Markets in Europe
    Wandering through any of the Christmas Markets in Europe is a special opportunity and so many feel like magical, fairy-tale towns. Get ready for lots of Gluhwein (glüwein), sparkly lights, handmade foods, and crafts as we take a spin around some of the most magical European Christmas markets!
  9. 20 Fun Facts about Aruba that will surprise you! 
    This short, but sweet article shares some fun and interesting facts about the tiny island of Aruba. This is fun for trivia buffs as well as travelers!
  10. The 52 Supernatural Places on Hawaii Island
    My 2nd haunted Hawaii article in the top 20! This one focuses on the mysterious Big Island. This article is written by a paranormal investigator and storyteller from Big Island Ghost Tours. Find out about the most supernatural locations on Hawai’i Island.
  11. 3 Day Baja Mexico Cruise from Long Beach on Carnival Imagination
    This article is about my first family cruise with my son and husband. I’d been on a cruise with my husband several times and also cruised with my son, but this was our first cruise together. Find out why cruising as a family was so much fun with Carnival.
  12. My First Phoenix Suns Basketball Game at Talking Stick Arena
    This article was written by my son, Roland. It’s a story about a trip to Pheonix to see his favorite basketball team, Oklahoma City Thunder. Turns out, we get invited into the press room and he has the opportunity to see the Pheonix Suns enter the court. It was a good day for Roland! 
  13. Indian Wells Golf Resort Weekend
    Another article by my son, Roland. This one is about a weekend getaway to the Renaissance Esmeralda Indian Wells Resort & Spa and a tee-time at the Indian Wells Golf Resort is a 36-hole golf resort. I chalk this one up to a perfect weekend getaway! 
  14. Viking Rhine River Cruise Christmas Experience – Basel to Amsterdam
    This story is about my first Viking River Cruise, which took place on the Rhine River during the most magical time of year in Europe. This cruise visits the wonderful medieval castles and villages along the Rhine river, as well as the charming Christmas markets in Germany and France.
  15. What to Pack for a Winter River Cruise in Europe
    Packing for a winter trip can be a challenge because clothes tend to be bulky. Find out my tips and tricks to packing for 10 days in Europe and not taking the biggest suitcase I own.
  16. 52 Things To Do In Long Beach
    Heading to Southern California? Don’t miss a visit to Long Beach! Famous for the Queen Mary, you’ll also find everything from a world-class aquarium to the 3rd largest Gay Pride parade in the United States in this coastal city.
  17. An Insider’s Guide to a Perfect Day in Paso Robles
    This is one of my favorite California wine towns. It still has a small-town feel, but you’ll find cutting edge wineries, delicious eateries and an up and coming craft distillery movement. If you want to explore and excellent California wine region, you must have Paso Robles on your list.
  18. A Perfect Day Exploring the Outdoor Beauty of Ruidoso, New Mexico
    You may have never heard of the Village of Ruidoso, but if you enjoy small mountain towns with an enormous range of outdoor activities in every season, this is a must. This is the true hidden gem of New Mexico.
  19.  Best Things to do in Taiwan | 52 Reasons You Must Visit
    Nick Kembel shares the absolute best things to do in Taiwan and why everyone should visit. From the night markets to musical garbage trucks you’ll find a perfect list of things you must do if you visit Taiwan.
  20. Top Tips for Renting a Car in Europe
    Traveling by car in Europe is a great way to explore many countries or get to smaller towns that may not be easy to travel to by train. This article shares the best tips about driving safely and legally while traveling in Europe by rental car.

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