When traveling a few hours or across the Atlantic by plane, sleep is coveted and sometimes elusive.

The .3 fluid ounce “Sleep” roll on stick from Bath by Bettijo helps to relax your mind and body with aromatherapy.

It’s small enough to bring as a carry on and helps to relax you during flight. One additional benefit is that is smells great and frankly planes usually do not. Roll a bit of the Lavender/Cedarwood oil on your wrists or even under your nose and free yourself from the not-so-
lovely aromas during flight.

In fact, this little roll on aromatherapy stick would be quite handy for trains and car rides too!

Of course the Sleep aromatherapy stick works wonders come bedtime.

Bath By Bettijo Sleep Organic Aromatherapy 5.50 on Amazon

Official Instructions: Roll on temples and wrists at bed time for sweet dreams.

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