San Diego can offer the true variety of life! From the forest to the sea there really is a varied sense of the world we live in. Today is all about San Diego’s many beaches; a beautiful way to spend the day that is also very light on the budget.

Start by heading west to the town of Ocean Beach and to Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Enjoy the pleasant cruise with the windows down while taking in the coast line to your right as you travel down the southern tip of California to the famed Sunset Cliffs. Allow yourself to stop at one of the many parking areas, some offer stairs or trails leading to the beach. Appreciate this moment and relax; dig your toes into the sand or gaze out to the sea. For the cost of a little gas, enjoy a breathtaking view without the Spielberg prices.

Head back down Sunset Cliffs Blvd to Chris’ Liquor and Deli. Located on the edge of town, this deli is a well known and frequented establishment. Try the always popular “Godfather”. As you can imagine it has all Italian cuts and is served on a toasted bun with plenty of peppers. An amazing sandwich and again, light on the budget.

Next, make your way over the Mission Bay Bridge to the very surf oriented environment of Mission Beach. You may be astonished at the amount of tattoo shops and wonder if they could operate enough business from just one stretch of road. Quickly you will see there is a business for it. Mission Beach is an interesting part of culture and a great place to observe and people watch.

And, speaking of people watching – one of the best spots I have found for this is on Ocean Front Walk at a café called nothing other than, Mission Café. Grab a iced Chai tea and find a spot on the boardwalk where you can stare at the ocean and watch not only the waves but also the mass of people streaming to and fro on skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, bikes of all shapes and sizes and of course the standard issue joggers and walkers.

Ready to jump into the action? There are rental places that are all reasonably priced within twenty feet of wherever you are on the beach. Surf lessons are available at most of these shops as well.

If you are in the mood to shop, head just a few blocks east on Grand Ave or Garnet Ave. Beautiful boutiques and art shops, as well as some wonderful thrift stores with some very nice vintage finds are available if you feel like going thru the multitude of racks.

A day at the beach would not have been complete without watching the sunset…and I definitely took my time enjoying the sun settle behind the water line, pondering the sun setting on a straight line when we live on a circle is a pretty profound moment to take your time with.

For a stellar dinner, head inland to the Supper Club in the Bankers Hill area. The proprietors are a local couple Scott and Ariana Johnson who use their skills to respectfully oversee the bar and restaurant portion of their organic approach to dining. A sommelier, Scott enjoys the chance to sit with guests and help pair their wines along with their different dishes. The meal was complete with one of Scott’s own libations…a dessert consisting of a Rice Crispies treat and a layer of chocolate, nuts and caramel.

For a nightcap head to the local lounge Confidential. A well lit establishment with a clean white interior and fading lighted color boards. Color schemes fading in and out thru out the night and some nice ambient house music allow you to enjoy conversation and relax in the more than comfortable furniture assorted into little VIP sections.

Enjoy a cab ride home or to your hotel room where you can take in the great view of the city line against the waterscape and remember from hills and forest to some gorgeous beach communities, San Diego is a well assorted city, with wonderful year round weather that ready for exploring at anytime.
What & Where:
Chris’ Liquor Store (2275 Sunset Cliffs Blvd; 619-222-0518)
Mission Café (3795 Mission Blvd; 858-488-9060)
Confidential (901 4th Ave; 619-696-8888)

Modus Supper Club
(2202 4th Ave: 619-236-8516)