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Roland’s Visit to the Most Haunted House in America

Roland’s Visit to The Whaley House (The Most Haunted House in America)

Question: Roland, we are in Old Town, San Diego and we just visited the Whaley House, which is the most haunted house in America. Why do you think it would be fun for kids to visit?

Roland: It would be fun for kids to come visit the Whaley House if they were interested in paranormal experiences and like adventures. It’s really a very cool house to visit. Most ghost hunters say there are about 30 apparitions, which is a lot considering its size. There are some pretty scary stories about how some of the people died. For example, the mother died from arthritis and one of the daughters committed suicide.

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I had one or two paranormal experiences. I had a feeling of being depressed on the top floor and that probably came from the daughter who killed herself because the docent said if you feel drowsy or depressed in the house it’s probably because that daughter is near you.

I didn’t smell anything strange, but the docent’s said if you smelled lavender and perfume it’s probably that is probably the wife and the smell of sweet tobacco is the father.

It’s really a cool place to visit and one of the reasons people think it has so many apparitions is because it was the site of the gallows (where executions happened) before the house was built and there are some grizzly stories from that time.

But, the house is a part of San Diego history. When I visited I took a picture of a picture someone took when they visited the house about two years ago and a lot of people think the image in the photo is of the father, Mr. Whaley. You can see it below (can you see him standing there with his hand in his pocket?).

Most Haunted House in America is the Whaley House in San Diego

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Question: Was the house scary?

Roland: No, because I like this kind of stuff. I also asked some of the docents and they said worst thing that has happened is that people might feel like someone brushed by you or touched you, but when you turn to look there is no one standing there/

If you come make sure to take pictures because you never know if you will find something strange in the photos you couldn’t see with while you were in the house.

Question: Is a Visit to the Whaley House a “Kids Corner” recommendation?

Roland: Yes

Question: Do you recommend any other sites while you are in Old Town?
el campo cemetary in old town, san diego

Roland: We walked to the El Campo Santo Cemetery after visiting the Whaley House. It’s one of the oldest graveyards in southern California and I think the oldest one in San Diego. So, I’m going to tell you a very scary story. James Robinson was the last person to be executed on the land where the Whaley House is now in the year 1852. He was a very tall man. He was 6’ 4” and the average height of a man back then was 5’ 5”. He tried to steal the only boat in the bay and was caught. This is why he was taken to the gallows. So, back then because men were only 5’ 5” that was the size they made all the coffins. So, they actually had to pop his legs forward to fit him into the coffin.

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Most Haunted House in America
Most Haunted House in America

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  1. So many things to see and do in Old Town! Have lunch and libations at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Visit Cousins Candy shop for a back in time experience. Grab some awesome tea at San Diego house of Coffee and Tea. Have sushi at Harney Sushi and if you want Mexican, there are tons of places to choose from, of course.

  2. Thirty apparations in one house! Yikes, that’s quite full on and intense – I’m more likely to be scaredy cat about it than Roland 😉 That cemetery sounds like it could be creepy feelin’ too…

  3. Interesting! My older kids would definitely love this….I think I’d probably better wait a bit to take my 4 year old, though 😉

  4. We visit haunted houses occasionally, so this would be a great addition to our list! Maybe they even have special events for Halloween…

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