sabila spa in Loreto, Mexico at Villa del PalmarQuestion: Roland, on a recent trip to Loreto, Mexico you got to experience your first spa day and massage. What was it like? Tell me what happened when you arrived at Sabila Spa at Villa Del Palmar and about your experience.

I checked in at the spa, then waited for the person to take me to the massage room. I think he was called a spa valet. I got a 30 minute massage and it was better than most kids would think. After the massage, the spa valet took me to different stations like a cold Jacuzzi, then a shower, a warm Jacuzzi, a different kind of shower, then a hot Jacuzzi, then a Swedish shower which was a normal kind of shower but it felt like rain from the ceiling and from the sides too. Then I did the aloe bath and an Epsom salt bath, the steam room and a sauna.

Question:  Was there an order to use the baths, showers, Jacuzzi and steam room?

The valet came in about every five or ten minutes and told me what to do. There was an order to using the different stations.

Question:  Did you have a favorite?

I would say the sauna, the steam room and the aloe bath were probably a tie. It’s funny, because it was my first time in a sauna and I had seen a TV show where it showed  a person who was showering using a big wooden spoon. It looked the same as the wooden spoon in the sauna, which was sitting in a bowl of water.  I thought it was like the shower on TV, and that I was supposed to scoop the water and pour it over my head. When the spa valet walked in, he told me I was supposed to pour the water on the coals. Once, I figured it out, it was a nice experience and it was fun.

sabila spa sauna in Loreto, Mexico at Villa del Palmar

The aloe was kind of like soap. They told me that aloe is healing for the skin, so that was nice. It was plain water but instead of bubbles, it was a bunch of unpeeled pieces of aloe that you could open and rub over your skin.

Aloe Bath at Sabila Spa at Villa del Palmar in Loreto, Mexico

Aloe Bath at Sabila Spa

Question:  Tell me about another one of your favorite experiences in the spa.

The steam room. It was so hot and very steamy, but it was nice at the same time.  There was so much steam and there was also the scent of eucalyptus. The valet gave me a  towel that was cold and had the smell of lavender or something like orange or mandarin. I put the towel they gave me over my face and it made it easier to stay in the steam. The only downside was I can only be in there for about five minutes because of the amount of steam.

Question:  What was your massage like?

It was very nice. It was a back and shoulder massage and also a little bit of the arms. It worked out my muscles and it was relaxing. I almost fell asleep.

Question:  Would you want to get another massage?

Yes. It’s relaxing and nice.

Question:  Tell me a little bit about the men’s spa room.

It had a view of the mountains. It was really pretty, but I was paying more attention to the luxury than the view. It was a really nice spa. They also had a workout room there too and it was a lot bigger than most. I did chin ups, pull ups, and an ab workout.

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A huge thank you to for their generous hospitality.  Roland was their guest during his stay, but as always, all opinions are his own.