How to Plan a Destination Engagement Party

Who said you can’t have an engagement party on an idyllic island? You can celebrate all the special occasions in your life elaborately — finances permitting. Planning an engagement party is just as important as organizing your wedding, right? You want it to be as special as possible without a single detail out of place.

Tips to Plan a Destination Engagement Party

We’re here to offer you a few tips on how to throw one of the best engagement parties your friends have ever seen. Start making memories from the moment you and your partner decide to start your lives together.

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Select Your DestinationDestination wedding locations

The first thing you want to do is to obviously pick the destination. What happens if you’re torn between five locations? Select the one that’s easy to get to for you and your guests’ sake. Consider the cost to get to the destination and make sure it has reasonably priced accommodation. Also, pick one that has all the facilities and resources you and your guests will need.

When Are You Going?Destination Wedding Planner

After picking a destination, you must decide when you’re going to have the party. Pick a time where there will be favorable weather for the party. You don’t want rain or a hurricane to spoil your event, right?

Aside from the weather, consider the peak periods of the resort before you go. Going when the resort is at its busiest will cost you more because prices are higher during peak season.

Visit the Destination in Advance

If you’ve never visited the destination before, it’s a good idea to do so before the party. This way you have first-hand experience of the area, the ambience and the local community.

Booking a destination based on enticing images—and services offered— you see online isn’t advisable. The pictures could have been taken ages ago so the actual destination looks nothing like what’s displayed online.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to oversell services in a bid to attract customers, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your Guests Matter

You want your guests to be as happy and comfortable as possible. Scout the area for accommodation that’s not only affordable, but clean and tidy too. Make sure you double-check availability so that none of your guests are left stranded without a place to stay. Try planning a few extra events for your guests so that you make their long travel worthwhile.

Above all, be sure to notify your guests well in advance so that they can plan and budget for the trip.

Find a Professional Coordinator

Destination Wedding Planner

You want your engagement party to be free from undesirable hiccups. The best way to ensure this is by hiring a professional coordinator who has experience in planning destination events. They’ll work with local vendors such as www.accelrentals.com to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Handy tip: consider looking for a local coordinator who is familiar with the language and culture of the location. They’ll help liaise with your vendors where necessary.

Pick Vendors Yourself

Still, on the subject of vendors, you must pick them yourself—and in person. Don’t leave everything to the co-ordinator. You want the party to go smoothly without any mishaps so it’s advisable to know exactly who you’re dealing with. Avoid picking vendors online; rather set up meetings with them prior to your visit to the destination.

Shortlist vendors such as florists, rental companies and caterers. Ask for their portfolios for examples of work they’ve done before so you’re clear on their areas of expertise.

Alternatively, consider asking for referrals from the coordinator because he or she has possibly dealt with many local vendors.

Take Advantage of the Location

Let’s face it, the scenery of many resorts is breathtaking. You’re less likely to need many props such as flowers to beautify the space. So why not take advantage of the views and cut down on décor? This way you also get to save big for your actual wedding day.

Fill up Your Suitcase

When planning for your destination engagement party, it’s acceptable to go overboard with the packing. Shopping in resort towns is usually expensive. To avoid unnecessary costs, we recommend that you pack a few extra items such as linen and cosmetics. Even if you find the products cheaper, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be of high quality. Don’t take chances.

Final Words

Planning a destination engagement party can be exciting, but make sure that you’re financially prepared for it. This means you must know your budget before picking a destination. Use a cost calculator to get an estimate of how much you’re likely to spend–you’ll find many tools and apps online.

Did the above tips help? Now go out there and start making memories.

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