Mel HaberMel Haber is the owner of Melvyn’s Restaurant and the Ingleside Inn, a beautiful two acre property situated in the heart of Palm Springs. Mel, a native New Yorker, went to Erasmus High School, the second oldest high school in America.

That school has some very famous alum such as Barbra Streisand, Jeff Chandler, Barbara Stanwyck to name just a few.

When Mel came to Palm Springs he fell in love with the magic of the city. It has been 36 years since he decided to take a shot at running a hotel and restaurant. Just as with his high school, Melvyn’s and the Ingleside Inn have seen their share of celebrities and became a magnet for Hollywood elite, U.S. presidents and royalty. Click here to read about a few of Mel’s favorites things to do in the Desert.