In This July 2008 Issue:

Writers Resources:
a. Top Ten Blogs for Writers
b. Online Writers Critique Site
Writers Tips:
a. Join a Writers Sparring Circle
Favorite Books for Writers
a. The Artist’s Way
b. Travel Writer’s Guide


Writers Resources

a.) Top Ten Blogs for Writers. Michael Stelzner is the author of Writing White Papers and the owner of the blog by the same name. He recently featured an awesome list of blogs as resources for freelance writers. Click here for full details on all the blogs.

b)A Writing Critique Group is a great place for writers ranging from novice to expert to share, critique, and collaborate toward producing quality work for agents and editors. Click here for one of the best online writing critique sites around.

Writers Tips

a.) Join a Writers Sparring Circle. Once writers take the leap to write full time many miss the opportunity to talk about work with their co-workers. One solution for this missing-link is to start a sparring circle of freelancers. You can do this either online or live. Click here to learn more about starting your own sparring circle.

Favorite Books for Writers

a.) The Artist’s Way– Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has helped more than a million people access their creativity and realize their dreams. It is a spiritual path to higher creativity and for writers it is an ideal way to break
through to a new level of writing, to move past blocks or finally start a project you thought was out of your creative reach. Click here to read more about the Artist Way or to Buy a Copy

b.) Travel Writer’s Guide– Gordon Burgett teaches writers the ABC’s of writing
and selling articles to magazines and newspapers. This is an ideal book for any travel writer to own- whether a novice or professional writer Burgett offers real advice for
breaking into travel writing as well as how to increase your current income.Click here to read more about the Travel Writer’s Guide or to Buy a Copy


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