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Hotel Review: CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort

View of pool and beach at CasaMagna CancunCasaMagna is a 450-room beachfront resort and is ranked by U.S. News as one of the Best Hotels in Cancun. I recently visited the hotel with my son Roland, who writes the Kids Corner section and not only did we experience a relaxing two-day visit, but also happened to arrive during turtle hatching season.

The resort is located directly on the Hotel Zone’s white powder sand beaches. As you enter the hotel and step into the luscious air conditioning and the massive lobby, you’ll get your first glimpse of the grounds, pools, and beach.

Giant picture windows of the gorgeous Caribbean sand and sea beckon and we were thankful for a quick check-in.

We headed directly to our room, which was oceanfront lodging with a view of the amazing crystal clear Caribbean Sea. The hotel is in the midst of a remodel and we stayed in one of the newly remodeled rooms.

The room was very spacious;  423 sq ft with two queen-sized bed with pillowtop mattress featherbed covered with a double-sheeted duvet. The rooms also have air conditioning, marble bathrooms, and a large balcony.

CasaMagna Resort in Cancun, Mexico ocean front room

It was hot when we visited and while we did venture out several times a day to take a peak at the amazing view and sunrise, I would imagine I would spend a lot more time there in the cooler months.

CasaMagna Marriott resort in Cancun, Mexico view from balcony

The resort does offer a kids’ club and children’s pool, although now that Roland is 13 – he doesn’t really use them anymore.

After our afternoon check-in, we changed into our bathing suits and headed straight to the ocean. We happened to arrive on a day with ultra-calm waters. The Caribbean Sea didn’t have more than a ripple as it lapped at the shore. We swam out quite a bit and were amazed at the clearness of the water. We could see the beautiful white sand hundreds of feet from the shore.

After our swim, we explored the hotel and settled headed to Las Ventanas. Located in the lobby, Las Ventanas is a combination pizza parlor, deli, ice creamery, and gift store. Roland had a sandwich made to order and ordered a Caesar Salad. We enjoyed our dinner poolside.

The resort offers just about everything you could want or need from a luxury hotel. Additional dining options range from casual to fine dining. There is everything from an Argentinian Steak House to a Sports Bar as well as a Thai restaurant a sushi restaurant.

The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at La Capilla Argentine Steakhouse. They prepared a large variety of food stations and delicious selections. Standouts for me were the Mexican hot chocolate, salsa and guacamole bar, chillaquilles, and delicious fresh fruit. Roland loved the freshly made pastries and the fresh fruit.

Pastries at breakfast buffet at CasaMagna Cancun, Mexico

There were many standouts for us during our stay at CasaMagna, but what truly made the stay memorable was our opportunity to see the baby turtles. I think we had a bit of luck on our side. The second day at the hotel, I woke up early to head to the beach and take some sunrise photos.

Sunrise at CasaMagna Resort in Cancun, Mexico

Roland and I found two CasaMagna employees checking an area of the beach near the hotel to see if there were any newborn turtles. What? It turned out we were visiting at the tail end of turtle laying season. The employees were actually looking for groups of eggs by gently digging in the sand until they came upon a group a baby turtles that had hatched and then they took them one by one in a large bucket to keep them safe until they would release them in the evening.

Turtle Nest at the CasaMagna Resort in Cancun, Mexico

On top of seeing the babies that morning, it turned out they were doing a turtle release that evening that was open to guests. While they let turtles go most evenings during this time of year, they only allow guests of the hotel to take part in the release every 7-10 days. We just happened to be there the night of a release. At dusk that evening we gathered on the beach with about 20 other hotel guests.

Baby turtle release at CasaMagna Cancun, Mexico


We headed to the shoreline and they released about 300 turtles into the sea. It was a really beautiful moment watching these tiny turtles instinctively know to head out into the water to start their life in the sea.

Yeah for the Marriott! If you travel to Cancun – support the Marriott and this amazing program they have implemented! The program saves an average of 3,000 endangered baby turtles each year.

Our stay at CasaMaga was an amazing experience start to finish!

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A huge thank you to the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort  for their generous hospitality.  I was their guest at the hotel, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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