Books are essential traveling companions – whether they are
guide books for a place you’re traveling to for the first time, or the latest
paperback best seller to pass the time on a long flight or [img_assist|nid=371|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=84|height=100]during
airport delays.

Unfortunately, books are not always the most budget-friendly
companions. Purchasing them at full price can take a bite out of your travel
budget – especially hardcover books. Airport bookstores such as The Paradies Shops are starting to catch
onto this and offer discounts for books they sell. The Paradies Shops are located in over 60 airports and hotels across the United States and Canada and offer a
“Read and Return” program. You can either purchase previously read
books for half off at airport stores, or buy a book at full price then return
it within 6 months to receive 50% of the purchase price back click here to
find a location.

Another option is to print out a Border’s coupon from their
Web site and bring it with you to the airport. Click on Borders’
Special Offers page
for specials and coupons.

Happy reading!