Going to Bangkok? Here’s How to Get Ready for the Trip

When we talk about Southeast Asia, Thailand never gets left out of the oftentimes excitement-filled conversation. And rightfully so. It is an enchanting country that is home to rather timid but very hospitable people. It offers both modernity and tradition, and any unsuspecting tourist will surely get the best of both worlds even just by strolling aimlessly along the streets of its bustling capital, Bangkok.

The city is home to enormous modern skyscrapers, but it also a cradle of ancient shrines and temples that are elaborately decorated. It surely is not called the City of a Thousand Temples for nothing.

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Bangkok busy street
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Of course, Bangkok never runs out of other equally exciting offers and amazing hotels and resorts.

In this article, we present three things that you should be ready to keep up with the exciting challenges that Bangkok will throw your way. If you haven’t booked your trip, we recommend the Chakrabongse Villas for lodging.

Whether Bangkok is your only Thailand destination or you are planning to visit other amazing locations like Chiang Mai, we hope this guide helps plan your adventure!

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Bring the Right Credit card

OK, we know what you’re thinking. Isn’t a credit card a death sentence to a traveler’s finances? If you are not careful with how much you spend, it can be!

But credit cards can surely come in handy if you have stuff that you want to buy but you’ve already run out of foreign cash (in this case, Thai Baht). You see, Bangkok is home to a lot of talented young designers who put up boutiques all over the city. You can even find many of them in one place in malls like the Siam Paragon.

What makes them so attractive is the fact that they also sell ready-to-wear items. This is a rarity in other Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, where you only get to wear local designers if they’ve created expensive custom pieces for you.

Of course, not all credit cards are good for traveling. Forbes.com has a comprehensive list of the best travel cards from various issuers. You might want to check it out!

Your taste buds (and probably also your gut)

This applies not only to Bangkok but to the whole of Thailand as well. It is no secret that Thai food is celebrated and excitedly consumed in many parts of the world. Thai dishes are known for their exquisite mix of flavors, bright colors, and oftentimes simple but greatly appetizing presentation.

Now, if Thai food still tastes good even if it is prepared by other nationalities in other places, how much more delicious could it be if you go to the source? Surely, your taste buds will be up for the ultimate feast.

Aside from the ‘normal’ dishes, Thailand is also known for street foods that are not really for the faint-hearted. From crickets to scorpions, they have it all! They even serve alligator meat casually as if it’s just a piece of good old chicken!

Your nocturnal tendencies

As they say, you’ve never really been to Bangkok if you haven’t immersed yourself in its vibrant nightlife. In certain areas in the city, there are pubs and bars that offer all sorts of fun and entertainment. If you are really the type who parties, then Bangkok’s night offerings will surely not leave you wanting for more.

Day Trips from Bangkok & Top Tours

I love to do a combination of exploring on my own as well as a few organized tours when I travel. I love to learn about the history and culture in a new location and tours with local experts is a great way to do this. I recommend Get Your Guide because you can cancel most bookings for free up to 24 hours before they start and their customer service is available 24/7 in multiple languages. 

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How to get ready for a trip to Bangkok.

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