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Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Seattle

It is estimated 1 in every 100 Americans has celiac disease and as a growing number of people are diagnosed or choose to live gluten-free, more restaurants have begun to create menus or even specialize in gluten-free cuisine.

The majority of restaurants and even chains, in Seattle have gluten-free items available or gluten-free substitutes available if requested. 

It’s no surprise too, that many restaurants have also begun to offer gluten-free menus as an alternative to their standing menu. Three restaurants in Seattle are of note in this regard.

Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Seattle

Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian located in Ballard has a full gluten-free menu that includes potatoes or polenta as substitutes for pasta with their main dishes, and also offers gluten-free crackers with their bruschetta sampler.

Gluten Free Fish and Chips

Located in Seattle’s Historic Pike Place Market, the Virginia Inn opened in 1903. The iconic century-old spot serving regional Northwest cuisine fish has a gluten-free fryer and serves up some of the best fish and chips as well as calamari. Both are gluten, dairy, and egg free as well as delicious.

Café Flora in Madison Valley, well-known for its cookbooks and its focus on vegetarian dining, also identifies both wheat and gluten-free items on its menus.

The Custom Plate is 100% gluten free. They serve bowls, salads, soups, broths, and healthy treats. They also offer celiac catering. 

For baked goods, Seattle offers a variety of sources for gluten-free pastries and breads. The most readily accessible sources are the PCC and Whole-Foods locations throughout the city.

There are specifically marked brands such as Bakehouse and Mariposa available in their bread sections as well as specially labeled products throughout the stores. Whatever you’re looking for, there is probably a gluten-free version of it. Furthermore, the Wow Baking company, located in Seattle, distributes gluten and wheat-free cookies and dough throughout the city and outside the state.

The Flying Apron Seattle

There are two specialty gluten/wheat-free bakeries in Seattle: the Flying Apron Bakery and the Da Vinci Bakery. The Flying Apron is located in Fremont and has a large menu of pastries: cookies, cakes, bread, scones, in addition to fresh salads and coffee. The bakery is set up much like a coffee house so the environment pulls you in to stay and enjoy.

The Da Vinci Bakery along Greenwood is similar in its coffeehouse façade, but the bakery offers much more in the way of practical baked goods such as a variety of bread loafs, pizza dough, and small items like croutons. So come to get some gluten-free shopping done, or hang out and enjoy a cappuccino while nibbling on a tea cake, either way, you’re in good health.

Grain Artisan Bakery in Snohomish has a 90%+ gluten-free menu and have protocols to ensure there isn’t cross-contamination. . They make an amazing gluten-free, dairy-free Peppermint Chocolate cake. Their chive scones are next level. And pumpkin cake

They scale and bake gluten-free on separate days. Every bin at the shop has its own scoop. They wipe everything down between uses (washable equipment gets washed). We have been tested three times and tested under 25ppm every time. They have many true celiac clients (not just gluten intolerant) that have been with them for years.  

Bakery Nouveau & Australian Pie Company are additional recommendations.

More Gluten Free Seattle Restaurant Recommendations:

  • Revolve food and wine for Eggs Benedict & beignets (and don’t forget their gluten-free bacon wrapped dates, meatloaf, and brownies)
  • Ghost Fish for fish & chips, onion rings as well as GF beer on tap
  • Capital Cider for fried cheese curds as well as chicken and waffles.
  • Razzi’s for pizza
  • Family Pancake House in Redmond for pancakes
  • Dingfelders in capital hill has the best pastrami on GF bread  
  • Best Teriyaki in Bothell on 160th has gluten-free Chinese food (and their orange chicken is to die for)
  • Bok a Bok for fried chicken
  • Heaven Sent Chicken in Everett does gluten-free fried chicken
  • Dumpling the Noodle

What & Where:
Da Vinci Bakery (10003 Greenwood Ave N; 206-782-5785)
The Flying Apron: 3510 Fremont Ave N; 206-442-1115)
Impromptu Wine Bar Café: (4235 E Madison St; 206-860-1569)
Café Flora: (2901 East Madison St; 206-322-3626)
Wow Baking Company: (8314 Greenwood Ave N #1100; 206-816-5200)
Lombardi’s Neighborhood Italian: (2200 NW Market St; 206-783-0055)


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