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2023 Dublin Gay Pride & the Best Gluten Free Fish and Chips in Dublin

When I planned our trip to Ireland there was one thing I absolutely knew I’d be doing in Dublin and that was visiting Beshoff Restaurant for gluten-free fish and chips. This might seem random, but you need to understand one thing; I love fish and chips and it’s extremely rare to find it prepared gluten-free anywhere.

It might seem even more random that this article is about Dublin Gay Pride and gluten free fish and chips, but it will all make sense if you keep reading!

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Gay Pride in Dublin, Ireland

So far, the only other place I have found gluten free fish and chips was at Corbett Fish House in Portland, Oregon. Lucky for me, I lived in Portland for six years and got to enjoy it on a regular basis.

It’s not uncommon for food to be a focal point of my travel research, and it’s also not uncommon that I also visit a few gluten-free forums or Facebook groups to learn about the best gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in places I plan to visit.

So, when doing my initial research for visiting Dublin, I was extremely excited to learn about Beshoff Restaurant and it was immediately added to our day one itinerary.

Traveling to Dublin

My son and I arrived in Dublin on a beautiful day in late June. We flew from Iceland, where we had booked a stay-over with WOW air. Besides having several days to explore Reykjavík, it was also wonderful to have a short 2.5 hour flight to Dublin.

Once we arrived in The Fair City, we checked into the Spencer Hotel. Located on the River Liffey, the Spencer is within easy walking distance to many of the touristy parts of downtown Dublin. I loved the location and the view (especially at sunset) was amazing.

River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland

Check Spencer Hotel reviews on TripAdvisor and find the best deals at Hotels.com or Booking.com.

Hop on Hop Off Bus in Dublin

Once we dropped off our bags, we decided to jump on board the Hop On Hop Off Bus tour of Dublin. We hopped off at a few stops, such as Dublin Castle, but were mostly interested in getting a feel for the city.

Dublin Castle

One thing my son and I both noticed during our tour of Dublin, was many rainbow flags throughout the city. We spotted the flags on buildings and flying from hotels and restaurants.

At one point, my son turned to me and asked “is Dublin the most gay-friendly city in the world?”. I had to admit, I hadn’t heard anything out of the ordinary about Dublin being extra gay-friendly, but we both agreed the city certainly showed support.

Beshoff Fish & Chips

Once we had done the loop around Dublin, we jumped off the bus at O’Connell Street and headed to Beshoff Restaurant. Ivan Beshoff came to Ireland from Russia in 1913 and in the same year opened his restaurant.

Beshoff Fish and Chips in Dublin, Ireland

It’s now run by the 3rd generation of Beshoff’s and I’m not sure when they added gluten-free fish and chips, but I’m grateful! Along with the fish and chips, Beshoff also offers seven gluten free sauces including homemade tartare.

Beshoff gluten free Fish and Chips in Dublin, Ireland

The fish and chips were everything I was hoping for. The fish was tender and the batter was flavorful and crunchy. The chips were perfectly cooked and the tartare sauce was tangy and just a tad sweet. It was a 100% gluten free deliciousness!

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Dublin Pride Festival

The following day, my son and I headed out to explore more of Dublin. We immediately noticed that the rainbow flags we noticed the day before on some of the buildings in town had now multiplied and spread to more facades.

As we made our way to the bustling O’Connell Street we began to spot kiosks selling rainbow everything and it finally dawned on both of us, we happened to be in the city for Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride.

Gay Pride in Dublin, Ireland


Just walking around the city was a great experience to see the oceans of rainbow flags, capes, hair ties, hats, scarfs, necklaces and so much more. We were scheduled for a themed bus tour that afternoon, so we were only able to catch glimpses of the parade, which looked amazing.

Regardless, it was a wonderful surprise to happen to be in Dublin for such an important day! Next time, we hope to attend the parade!

Dublin Pride 2023

The 2023 Dublin Pride Festival is a 7-day event and will take place from June 16th-25th and include the 40th Anniversary Dublin Pride Parade on Saturday, June 24th.

The Dublin Pride Parade is from 12pm to 3pm on 6/24/2023 and the route is from the GPO on O’Connell Street, across the city to Merrion Square. The parade after party will take place in Merrion Square.

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Traveling To Ireland Soon?

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5 Indispensable Items to Pack for Ireland

  1. Get the Lonely Planet guide to Ireland.
  2. Get a good quality mirrorless camera for capturing your trip. I use the Sony Alpha a6000.
  3. Weather is unpredictable, so bring a lightweight umbrella and rain jacket (even in summer you may find areas chilly and rainy)
  4. Waterproof hiking boots. I love Keen because they are lightweight and super comfortable.
  5. A great cross body travel bag. Cross body bags prevent theft and are much easier to access.

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Gay Pride In Dublin, Ireland

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