My adventure begin here in Clackamas Oregon, out of all places in the world I could have ended up at I ended up here in Oregon. And out of all the places I could have had my adventure it happened here. I lived in Russia until I was ten, then I was adopted by an American family, and my adventure started there….

My first big adventure was getting on that plane. My eyes were huge, my smile even bigger. The free peanuts can you believe it? And the best thing was that I got wings from an attendant. The plane was two stories tall, it was the biggest thing I had ever seen, the most amazing moment was take off. Leaving what I knew behind for this beautiful adventure to a land I didn’t know, a language I didnt speak, and people i had never met.

My second memorable adventure was the Grocery store, nothing in the world I knew was as big or as beautiful as this grocery store was. Apples of every kind possible, not just one apple but ten different colors and kinds. Cereals went on for miles and miles, and the floors were so clean. People so helpful could you ask for more? Plus free samples. I was in heaven. I was not going to leave this place.

Also visiting my new home, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, I had a beautiful green back yard instead of dirt, i had two amazing new dogs, a beautiful bedroom, food in the fridge, and a family to love me.
My biggest and best adventure of it all, was holding my new moms hand, sitting on my new dads lap, playing with my dogs, watching tv, eating food all day long, learning how to speak a new language, meeting new people. Feeling loved for the first time in a long time.

In this economy some of us cant travel further than our grocery store, our home, or Oregon. But find your adventure here, in the simple things in life. In your pets, or your family or your friends. Meet new people, go down town Portland and visit the Saturday Market, don’t buy anything, just enjoy the sun or the rain. Enjoy every day and every minute of that day. Our time here is not long, but our time here is all we have take advantage of it.

Make a travel experience out of going to the grocery store, getting ice cream, or holding that special someones hand. Your adventure awaits you!

Writer Bio: My name is Gina, I am married with my first child on the way. I own four cats and two dogs, which live with my mom. I was adopted when I was ten from Russia. I am loving and enjoying every single minute. The stress of bills the stress of life and the future gets to me at times, but I do my best to think outside of stress. I am 19 years old I love writing, art, and people.

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