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Cheap Flights to Europe with WOW air

Whatever your dream European vacation destination, wowair.us is the newest budget airline to get you there from the United States.  You will find cheap flights to Iceland and mainland Europe. WOW air has 5 flights per day from the United States to the Keflavík International Airport (KEF) in Reykjavík and 10 flights from Reykjavík to mainland Europe per day. That offers 15 cheap flights to Europe every day.

Cheap Flights to Europe: Book with WOW air

WOW air calls Iceland home. Keflavík International Airport  in Reykjavík is their main hub. They offer budget airfare on flights to London, Bristol, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Cork, Brussels, Alicante, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Tenerife and Reykjavik all year round. Part of the year they offer flights to Salzburg, Warsaw, Milan, Düsseldorf, Lyon and Tenerife and more destinations are added regularly. All flights from the United States have a layover or change of planes in Reykjavík.

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For an updated list of WOW air routes, check out their flight map.

How Cheap are WOW air Fares?

Below is a fare I found at the time of writing this article. $109 from Washington D.C. to Keflavík International Airport (KEF) in Reykjavík. Finding round-trip airfare to Iceland for about $200 is something we can all afford and can truly be defined as Cheap Flights to Europe. I first found out about WOW air during a sale they ran for $55 each direction from hubs in the United States to many of the European destinations. I suggest you join the WOW air mailing list to learn about all sales and keep up with their best price alerts.

cheap airfare to europe wow air

What’s the Catch? Why Are They So Cheap?

Like many budget airlines, when you purchase a WOW air flight, you are buying the base fare. You will be allowed one carry-on bag up to 5kg or 11 lbs in weight for free. Other than this everything is an add-on to the basic flight. This requires a mind-shift for many who expect several meals, drinks, pillows, blankets, etc to be included in an international flight. WOW air philosophy is that you can keep the fare as low as you want or add on as many extras as you want. You can also choose between WOW basic, plus and biz class flight plans. Click here for a full list of inclusions for each WOW air flight class.

To keep it cheap, I suggest bringing an empty Water Bottle and your own meal and snacks. On our flight, we did just that.

How Long is the Flight to Iceland?

Located in the North-Atlantic ocean close to the Arctic Circle, Iceland is very much a bridge between continents. It takes approximately five hours to fly from New York to Reykjavík, eight hours from Los Angeles and three hours from London.

Where is Iceland?

map iceland

Technically, Iceland is in both Europe and North America, as it straddles the two tectonic plates. You can go on a Golden Circle tour while in Iceland and stand where the plates are located. Iceland is at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The main island is entirely south of the Arctic Circle, which passes through the small Icelandic island of Grímsey off the main island’s northern coast. Iceland is the world’s 18th largest island, and Europe’s second-largest island after Great Britain. The Iceland website says, “Iceland is Europe’s westernmost country, the second largest island in Europe”.

Iceland is closer to continental Europe than to mainland North America; thus, the island is generally included in Europe for historical, political, cultural, and practical reasons. Geologically, the island includes parts of both continental plates.

Why WOW?

They are fun, quirky and cheap! Most budget airlines I have flown don’t have much of a personality. On the other hand, WOW air has a huge personality! From their vibrant purple color, to their quirky sayings (from check-in counter to the plane) and gorgeous attendants, WOW air offers a fun experience. Just head to their Twitter page and you’ll see the passengers have just as much fun taking photos of the WOW sayings and flight experience. Here are just a few tweets (including one from me!):

Book a Stopover in Reykjavík

view of Reykjavík, Iceland

WOW air’s Reykjavík stopover option gives you the chance to break up long-haul journeys across the Atlantic and visit Iceland at no additional airfare. The WOW Stopover is available to book on return flights between North America and Europe via Iceland in either direction. Reykjavík is Iceland’s capital and largest city. It is also the WOW air main hub. Whether you dream to visit the Blue Lagoon, see the Northern Lights in winter or explore the town of Reykjavík, a stopover is a great way to extend a European vacation

So what are you waiting for? Fly to Europe from the US for less with WOW air, book a flight now.

Helpful Links

Book a Flight with WOW air

WOW air on Facebook

WOW air on Twitter

6 Indispensable Items to Bring on a WOW flight

    1. Read up on Iceland! Get a good guide book such as the Lonely Planet Guide to Iceland .
    2. Get a good quality mirrorless camera for your European Vacation. I use the Sony Alpha a6000 .
    3. Water Bottle. Everything costs money on WOW. Even water. Bring your own empty bottle and fill up at the airport drinking fountain for free.
    4. Travel Pillow. This one  Supports the Head, Neck and Chin in Maximum Comfort in Any Sitting Position (no head bobbing).
    5. A great cross body travel bag. Cross body bags prevent theft and are much easier to access.
    6. Travel Compression Socks Keep your legs healthy with good circulation on long haul flights.

Thinking about flying with WOW air? Ask your questions in the comments below!

Although I was provided complimentary tickets for my WOW air flight, the experiences shared and opinions are my mine.

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  1. I took a flight with Wow on May. I was very pleased with the airline and will use it again. I have never found a ticket to Europe for such a cheap price. We did the Iceland stopover and that was awesome.

  2. We flew Wow airlines to Iceland last May. With the price we paid, we had nothing to complain about. The flight was in time, and was very comfortable. I would recommend Wow air to everyone and am looking forward to fly with them again.

  3. I have considered Wow to Tel Aviv- and opting for the “upgrades”. The only reason why I didn’t take the plunge was the destination changed- and the timing.
    I look forward to trying Wow soon.

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