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The Ultimate Budget travel guide for Russia

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to discover interesting locations from around the world and learn more about local customs, history and visit the extraordinary landscapes in every chosen region. Have you considered traveling to Russia? Below you will find a budget travel guide for Russia that will help make this travel dream come true.

Russia is a European country that has a lot to offer in terms of touristic destinations and cultural customs as well as historical traditions that all tourists love to discover when they travel to a foreign country. For those concerned about the budget that might be required for this kind of trips, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to travel and have fun in Russia as long as you follow our ultimate budget travel guide to the magical land of Russia.

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you do not have to spend a fortune to travel and have fun in Russia as long as you follow our ultimate budget travel guide for travel to the magical land of Russia.

Budget travel guide for Russia


Travel to Russia on a budget this year

When it comes to tourist opportunities enabled in Russia, you should not limit yourself to Saint Petersburg and Moscow only. There are numerous great natural wonders there that wait to reveal themselves to the world through the eyes of curious travelers in search of great mysteries. Get ready to be amazed by the imposing Golden Mountains of the Altai located far away in Siberia as well as the Great Eastern Port of Vladivostok and the Curonian Spit in Kaliningrad.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the largest lake in the world during your great traveling adventure in Russia, namely Lake Baikal as well as the highest European mountain, namely Mount Elbrus. It will become the perfect opportunity for you to experience new things and feel new thrills during what might become the wildest traveling adventure of your life so far. Never limit yourself when it comes to conquering the world on the road because you never know what great experiences might be ready to be revealed to you!


Visit Lake Baikal, the real pearl of the Siberian land

Now that you have made a general picture about places and things you can discover in Russia, it is time to start planning your trip well so that no unnecessary expenses might be done on the road. You must visit the real pearl of Siberia, Lake Baikal before anything else. It is more than 25 million years old and its overall volume of water is said to be more than the combined volume of five great American lakes. In fact, this amazing lake includes 20% of the entire volume of fresh water in the world which creates an impressive watery picture to witness.

Getting there without spending too much is not a problem as long as you find locals willing to guide you on your road so that you might witness as much as possible every day. Getting there fast and then continuing your trip effectively to discover more great tourist attractions is the right plan for you to consider in order to manage to travel and stick to your scheduled budget on the road. Moreover, careful planning and proper packing will get you far in terms of traveling because your focus will be on following the plan and checking all the items on your wish list rather than searching for accommodation or having to spend more for last-minute decisions.


Tips to consider for a last-minute trip

If you have planned to visit Lake Baikal this year, now is the perfect time to start planning your quick trip to Europe. In winter, it is best to visit it at the end of December or during the first half of January because the lake will not be completely frozen during this period and the temperatures will be easier to handle. Later in January, these can decrease to minus thirty or forty degrees which makes it almost impossible for tourists to be able to enjoy the view of the completely frozen lake.

Finally, the traveling expenses are lower during this period if you book your tickets in advance and find welcoming local people to take you to see the best places. This kind of trip is not about accommodation in luxurious hotels but about visiting attractive touristic places that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Passing through the city on your way back and seeing the modern Russian lifestyle is not a bad idea either and it can also be done on a budget. The local food is not expensive yet highly delicious and you should try it out. Hope you enjoyed this budget travel guide for Russia.

Enjoy your next holidays to Russia!

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