I recently headed down to Baja California on a mother-daughter road trip to Ensenada, the Valle de Guadalupe wine region and Tijuana. I was determined to pack light and wanted to share my favorite travel items from the trip!

1. My Bali Backpack by Pelcor. First of all, it’s so cute! The bag is from the SS15 Collection and is made of cork skin with leather details. I love the thin straps and makes if feel like more of a purse than a bulky backpack. I also love the zipper pocket on the outside back of the bag (so it is near my back and totally inaccessible to anyone walking behind me). It’s a great place to keep a passport, money or anything you want to keep extra safe. There are two inside pockets which is a great place to keep anything small you don’t want to search for in the bottom of the bag. It’s a very stylish option to a backpack and one I’ll be happy to use for a long time! Click here for more information on the Pelcor Bali Backpack.

Day 1 of the mother-daughter roadtrip to Baja.

2. Mighty Stripe Tee from Mountain Hardwear. I absolutely loved the Mighty Stripe Tee from Mountain Hardwear. It’s made with wicking technology to pull moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. It also has an anit-microbial finish to help control odor which is great for travel. Between the anti-microbial and the fact it really doesn’t wrinkle, it can be worn multiple times on one trip. I wore it with black pants one day and a black mini skirt another day. I would have never picked out plum for myself, but I think it’s my new favorite color. Check out the Mighty Stripe Tee from Mountain Hardwear on Amazon.

Below is a photo of me wearing my “Mighty Stripe Tee” from Mountain Hardwear at Malva Restaurant in Valle de Gudalupe.

Malva restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe

Me with chef Roberto Alcocer.

3. Grayl Quest Grayl Water Filtration Cup. Let’s get practical for a second. The water situation in Mexico can be iffy at best. While many of the higher end restaurants serve filtered water there is always a bit of a concern. I was so excited to try out the Grayl water bottle with filter. The bottle comes with three optional filters; a tap filter for everyday water, an international travel filter which I took to on my Mexico trip and a hiking trail filter. The filters can be interchanged and all you do is pop on the filter of your choice, fill the empty outer cup with water and then push the inner cup with filter down so water passes through as filtered clean water(think French press). The bottles are BPA-free plastic. Pretty cool invention! Check out the Grayl Quest Grayl Water Filtrationon Amazon.

Hiking Wonderland Wash at Joshua Tree

4. Grapefruit Seed Extract. Just in case you forget to filter your water with your Grayl water bottle this will be your savior. Tummy starting to feel funny? Have the feeling you just might need to run to the bathroom quickly? Just put a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in filtered or clean water and drink. It works tummy miracles! I’m no doctor, so check with one if you are on other medications or to learn more. I love this stuff and never travel internationally without it! Check out Nutribiotic Gse Liquid on Amazon.

5. Raffia Bucket Hat. It’s a rafia paper hat and it can be packed and still holds its shape. I’m always leery of packing a hat, but this one did well. It’s light weight and with the colored stripes on the brim it gives a little bit of fashion. Check out the Mountain Hardwear Women’s Raffia Bucket Hat on Amazon.

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