City Guides Wanted: Join the 52 Perfect Days Family!

We’re hiring writers who have in-depth knowledge about the city they call home. We are looking for City Guides who have a passion about the city they live in, have their finger on the pulse of the city, are an in-the-know person with a desire to share what makes their city great with others. We are looking for Guides who can tap into all facets of the city and reach out to a wide range of visitors with hip stylish content.

Join others across the country as they provide a wealth of local information, insider perspectives, helpful resources, and a view into your cities events and activities.

What is 52 Perfect Days?

Launched in July 2007, is the insider source of everything local, offering a rich mix of hyper-local relevant content. We are a source for locals looking for new and unique adventures in their own city and for visitors who want to feel like a local. covers many major U.S. cities, towns and neighborhoods and is developing a strong presence in international markets including Mexico. Over1 million monthly unique visitors are expected by March 2010.

What’s a 52 Perfect Days Guide? guides are people who love to write and have a passion for the city the call home. Guides range from seasoned journalists, retirees, journalism students, professional travel writers and all love to share insider information about their city.

52 Perfect Days City Guides create unique and original content to entertain and inform readers about their city. is not a blogging site; rather, our Guides are local insiders and influencers who provide reliable information and resources on local places to visit, city neighborhoods, events and more.

52 Perfect Days City Guides are Independent Contractors, meaning they choose where, when and what to write about within their city topic. Write from home, school, the local coffee shop or wherever you find inspiration.

What does a 52 Perfect Days City Guide do?

52 Perfect Days City Guides are a link between the city and our website visitors. They provide information and resources focusing on their city that can be useful to the people within the community ("locals") and to visitors alike.

Some of the 52 Perfect Days Guide Responsibilities include:

1. Writing your City Guide bio. This tells the visitors who you are and explains why you think your city is so cool, interesting or worth a visit.

2. The City Guide is responsible for writing the introduction copy for their city.

3. The City Guide is responsible for writing a synopsis of the city neighborhoods most worth a visit.

4. Each city guide is responsible for writing two to three articles a month focusing on their city or its outskirts. Articles follow our regular contributor guidelines and all focus on how to spend a perfect day or evening in the city.

5. The City Guide is responsible for 10 52 Days forum contributions for their specific city.

6. Each guide is asked to offer Event updates to the editor.

7. Each guide is asked to suggest "Free Things to Do" in their city to the editor.

8. Blog. (We are hoping to implement this feature soon.) It will offer each guide a chance to share snippets of advice and insights on their city to the web visitors.

9. Create a video clip introducing yourself to the 52 Perfect Days visitors. It’s a short hello from your new City Guide.

10. Social Networking… Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter and Stumble PDX content each month

11. Write one celeb piece a month

12. Provide editor with ideas for the monthly ‘featured’ business/artist or musician.

52 Perfect Days creates a City Guide web page. The City Guide, working with the editor, helps keep their page current by regularly updating it with informative, clear and concise articles, often using pictures, videos, and links to make them even more appealing.

How much of a time commitment will this require?

We request that you keep your city content updated by sending specified information to the editor for publishing. Our goal is to help you build an interested audience. After the initial set up of your City Guide Page, we estimate an active and successful 52 Perfect Days City Guide to spend on average 3-5 hours per week writing and publishing content on, responding to comments from readers, and marketing. Some City Guides choose to invest more time, even publishing multiple articles per day. The time you spend is truly up to you, but frequent publishing is one major key to success as a 52 Perfect Days City Guide.

Will I be compensated?

52 Perfect Days City Guides are paid a very competitive rate based on standard Internet variables including page views, unique visitors, session length, and advertising performance. This is not a full-time "quit your day job" kind of opportunity, but 52 Perfect Days City Guides can definitely earn some extra cash while gaining exposure through their writing. We expect a City Guide to make up to $750 per month. It can take up to three months to begin to generate income as each city is a new launch. uses PayPal or checks by mail to compensate City Guides.

Will I be asked to purchase anything or pay a fee?

Absolutely not. In fact we provide all 52 Perfect Days Guides with custom business cards and other promotional materials.

What happens once I apply to become a City Guide?

After submitting an application, it goes to the editor for assessment. Factors such as style, voice and tone, knowledge of the city, experience, etc., as well as technical factors such as grammar, spelling and punctuation will be looked at. Every application is reviewed, though sometimes it can take up to several weeks due to the volume of applicants.

If we think you would be an asset to the 52 Perfect Days team, you will be contacted via email. Should you choose to become a 52 Perfect Days City Guide, be prepared to submit three items within the first few days:

• A photo of yourself for your page
• A brief biographical statement of up to 50 words, written in first person
• A brief video introduction