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50+ Fantastic Things To Do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city like no other. Indeed, you’ll find that there is a surprising and subtle mix of South American traditions and European culture here. To walk in Buenos Aires is to experience a wide range of different atmospheres. 

Do you want to return to the past? Go to Buenos Aires. Do you want to experience the best nightlife in the world? Go to Buenos Aires. Do you want to feel the vibration of this city at the beat of Tango? Follow our Buenos Aires city guide. Here are 52 things to do in Buenos Aires!

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things to do in buenos aires
Photos Credit: Eneas deTroya

Unique & Fun Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and the most visited. In fact, it is one of the most visited cities in Latin America. Here are some of our absolute favorite things to do in Buenos Aires and we hope this inspires you to visit this amazing city.

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1. Walk along the Caminito in La Boca District

This popular borough combines all the characteristics of a typical Latino district. Street vendors, meat asados, the sound of Tango, multicolored houses, let yourself be charmed by one of the most classical atmospheres you’ve ever experienced.

Asado street food Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Ricardo Barbieri

2. Visit Quinquela Martín Museum in La Boca

This painter embodies this popular district’s identity. By painting the streets with red, blue, and yellow colors, he launched a movement that many people later imitated, giving a new life to this poor district. In this museum, you’ll discover the life of this harbor and enjoy an overview of La Boca.

3. Go to La Bombonera Stadium

La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Maggi Bautista

Watch Boca Junior play and feel the magic of football with all the site’s energy. During the day, you can visit the stadium museum and discover the life of the Argentinean icon, Diego Maradonna, one of the best football players in the world and one of our favorite things to do in Buenos Aires.

4. Wander in Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Luis Argerich

This is a trendy harbor neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This ancient industrial port has been transformed into a pedestrian area with many bars and terraces. Sit down and enjoy the day, with your windswept face in the sun, looking at the beautiful Presidente Sarmiento Frigate and at the Women’s Bridge.

5. Visit the Fortabat Museum

The museum is a private art collection in a futuristic building. By mixing realist and impressionist Argentinean painters like Puerreydón or Bernaldo de Quiros and Surrealist and modernist ones like Antonio Berni or Salvador Dali, this collection is worth a visit.

6. Go for a walk in the Costanera Sur

Located behind Puerto Madero, this site is an ecological reserve and the green lung of the city. It has a great ecosystem and you can enjoy a bike ride or walk to observe the vegetation and the wildlife. Just lift your gaze to admire the faraway buildings that remind you that you’re at the heart of a giant city.

7. Visit One of the Street Fairs in the San Telmo district

San Telmo district in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photo credit: Pepelepu fotos

San Telmo is the bargain hunters’ paradise. Wander between markets, junk shops, and covered booths to look for the perfect item, the traditional object you dreamed of! Negotiate and try to find the best price!

8. Watch a Street Tango Show in Plaza Dorrego

Let yourself be seduced by the charming and bohemian atmosphere of this old place and listen to the rhythm of Tango.

9. Have a drink in La Poesia Café or Dorrego Café

Visit where the writers Jorge Luis Borges and Ernesto Sabato made up in 1975 after 20 years of quarrel. Feel the literary and intellectual atmosphere and prepare to time travel!

10. Don’t miss the many hidden passages under San Telmo

San Telmo district in Buenos Aires, Argentina

From the Pasaje Defensa to el Zanjón and El Manzana de las Luces, each passage has its own history, its own architecture, and its own traditional workshops where you can observe artisans working on their tasks.

11. Visit Plaza de Mayo

Pasaje Defensa in buenos aires
Photo Credit: Tjeerd Wiersma

There is so much history here. This central place was the theatre of many historical events, from the protests of the Mothers of Mayo to the mythic speech of the general Perón and his wife Evita. If you go on a Thursday, you can see the reunions of the Abuela of Mayo who meet there weekly.

12. Visit the Casa Rosad

This is the presidential palace. Its rose color embodies the union of the two political parties which fought in the 19th century: the red color for the Federalists and the white color for the Unitarians. This is a very symbolic place: you shouldn’t miss the bicentenary museum which tells the history of the Argentinean Republic.

13. Go to the Mausoleum of General San Martin in the Cathedral

In this neo-gothic style Cathedral, two republican guards look over the tomb of the General. It’s very rare to see republican guards working in a Catholic Church.

14. Walk in the Microcentro Streets

Make sure to lift your gaze to admire the giant skyscrapers. Microcentro is a district with intense activities during the day. In this area, you’ll find the most important Argentinean banks’ and firms’ headquarters, like for example the famous Banco de la Nacion.

15. Attend a Session in the Congreso

Embodying the legislative power and located at the end of the Avenida de Mayo, this huge building with a bronzed dome is inspired by the Capitol in Washington D.C.! Enjoy the plaza in front of the Congreso!

16. Enjoy the Overview of Buenos Aires in the Palacio Barolo

The Palacio Barolo, built by the architect Mario Palanti, is inspired by the Divine Comedy of Dante. The whole building is built to resemble an ascent from the inferno to paradise. From the beacon known as the eye of God, you have an astonishing view over Buenos Aires! Don’t miss the night visits of the Palacio Barolo, you won’t be disappointed!

17. Watch an Opera at the Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon Buenos Aires
Photoe credit: Roger Schultz

The Teatro Colon is one of the most famous operas in the world. Discover the porteña intelligentsia and let yourself be seduced by this enormous place.

18. Enjoy a drink at the Tortoni Café

This is one of the oldest cafés in Buenos Aires. On the Avenida de Mayo, this charming and elegant café has hosted many famous people, from Carlos Gardel to Jorge Luis Borges and Albert Einstein. It’s a peaceful and warm place!

19. Eat at the Chan Chan Restaurant

This Peruvian restaurant is worth a visit for its really nice dishes and flavors! Ask for a ceviche or a lomo saltado with a pisco sour and enjoy the delicious wealth of this gastronomy, which is famous all over the world.

20. Walk in the Avenida 9 de Julio

This is the largest avenue in the world. This is the beating heart of the city, with the obelisk at the center of it. This monument is 67.5 m high and a symbol of the city. The people of Buenos Aires assemble there at the important moments of Argentina’s history, such as the death of Eva Peron.

21. Go to the Avenida Corrientes

Tango show Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Analia & Gabriel

This is the Broadway of Argentina and one of the most bustling streets of Buenos Aires! Go to the theatre at the Broadway, the Arteplex, the Metropolitan or the Multiteatro. Or, you can watch a movie at the many cinemas of the street. Or just enjoy this unique atmosphere which is like none other!

22. See a Tango Show in the Music Hall on Corrientes Avenue

This place is the cradle of Tango: there, Carlos Gardel started his career in 1933 in the Abasto district. Go to the café La Giralda, el Estaño and el Gato Negro, which have preserved an atmosphere of milongas.

23. Wander in the Chinese District in Belgrano

This small part of Buenos Aires is a real goldmine for those who are looking for a specific ingredient. Enjoy its pretty colorful streets with traditional architecture and many street activities.

24. Visit the Enrique Larreta Museum in Belgrano

The museum is a palace built in the Italian Renaissance style by the architect Ernesto Bunge. This was the house of the writer Enrique Larreta until his death in 1962. This house was converted in a Spanish American-North African style with the furniture of the period. Enjoy the small garden and its little restaurant at the base of the garden.

25. Enjoy a Football Match at the River Plate Stadium in Belgrano

River Plate is the second-largest stadium in Buenos Aires. The River Plate football team is the historical rival of the Boca Juniors team and this stadium is just a little less popular than the Boca stadium.

26. Visit Palermo Park & Rosedal Garden

Rosedal garden in Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Beatrice Murch

Enjoy a moment in the Rosedal garden and sunbathe. Located in the centre of Palermo which is the trendiest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, the park of Palermo is a copy of the Boulogne Park in Paris. Rent rollerblades or go for a ride in pedal boats in the lakes of Palermo.

27. Watch a Polo Match at the Campo de Polo in Palermo

Campo de Polo in Palermo, Argentina
Photo Credit: Roger Schultz

Polo is the national sport of Argentina. Do you know that the ten best players in the world are Argentinean? Indeed, in November, polo season starts and it would be a shame not to observe this impressive sport.

28. Go to an Exhibition in La Rural

This is a big exposition center of 5 hectares located in the center of Palermo, near Plaza Italia. There are a lot of events which are organized in there, such as the Bookfair, Fashion Week or the Agricultural show.

29. Wander in Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires

Discover this bohemian district which was the living space of many intellectuals, painters, and writers like Jorge Luis Borges. Today, Palermo Soho and Palermo Viejo is the borough for bars, cafés, and terraces where you can enjoy a sunny afternoon or a night after work!

30. Go to the Palermo Flea Market

There, you’ll find many old things and objects you can’t find anywhere else. Play the bargain hunter and try to negotiate the price of whatever treasures you find.

31. Visit the Jardín Zoologico in Palermo

You can see many animals like elephants, llamas, and the viscachas (rabbit-like creatures) which frolic freely in the park

32. Visit the Malba Museum

This contemporary art museum of Buenos Aires. Its architecture is really new and innovative and the art collections contain more than 400 works and are some of the biggest in the city. There, you’ll see many artists like the Mexicans Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, the Uruguayan Joaquín Torres García or the Argentineans Antonio Berni and Xul Solar.

33. Visit the Evita Museum

Located on Lafinur Street in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the Evita Museum shares the history of Argentinean Politics and fascinating insight into the life and times of Argentina’s most famous first lady.

34. Go to the Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery in Argentina
Photo credit: Andrew Currie

This is one of the most impressive and beautiful cemeteries in the world. This cemetery is like an open-air museum with the graves of many famous Argentinean people, like president Facundo or the legendary and iconic Eva Peron.

35. Watch a Play at the Sportivo Teatro

It is one of the most active independent theatres in Buenos Aires. This place has a pretty flourished patio and is the meeting point between actors and stage directors for both artistic representations and training workshops.

36. Eat Parilla in the Best Restaurant in Palermo


Indeed, Argentina is a paradise for meat lovers! From the “bife de lomo” to the matambre and the chorizo, Argentina has the most delightful pieces of meat: a real pleasure for little and big gourmets. The best restaurants of Palermo are Las Cholas, La Cabrera, and Lo de Jesús as well as Parrilla Voro Carnes, La Cabrera Buenos Aires or La Dorita del Botanico.

37. Discover Argentinean Nightlife

The Argentineans start the night very late. It’s not strange not to see people out at 1 am, and in fact, the Argentineans go to the discotheque at 3 am. If you want to experiment with the nightclub atmosphere, go to the Niceto Club, the Kika or the trendy Terrazas del Este. After this, you’ll never party like before.

38. Party in the Many Bars of Palermo

pisco sour

Palermo has many alternative bars which are worth a visit! The Festival, the Temple Bar, and the Ferona have very good atmospheres, for those who want to stay out until the wee hours of the night. Taste the Pisco Sour (a Peruvian cocktail) or drink a Fernet cola which is the alcohol that Argentinean youth favor.

39. Visit the Centro Cultural Recoleta

This is a free exhibition hall of contemporary art. This atypical place will give you an incredible experience. Wander between the paintings, sculptures, objects, and movies. Let yourself be guided by your senses to feel the power of this place.

40. Experience Fuerza Bruta

This show in Recoleta is famous all over the world and it has been played in many capitals like Paris or Tokyo. The group of actors want the public to have a unique experience.

You’ll be at the center of the show and you won’t know which way to turn: it appeals to all the senses equally. From people flying above your head to a strange swimming pool with idyllic creatures, you won’t be disappointed!

41. See the Floralis Genérica in the Flower Park

 Floralis Genérica in the Flower Park in Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: AC Moraes

This big metallic structure is shaped like a giant flower and was designed by the famous Argentinean architect Eduardo Catalano.

42. Visit the Bellas Artes Museum

This is one of the biggest museums in Buenos Aires. There, you can find both Argentinean and European works. From Berni to Picasso, from Xul Solar to Manet, from Bernaldo de Quirós to Rodin, the museum has a great collection and it’s free on Wednesdays! You will no longer have the excuse of saying you can’t afford to go to the museum!

43. Read a book at the Ateneo Grand Splendid

This is the most impressive bookshop in Buenos Aires. It’s an old theatre with three floors and a café. This place is more than a book shop, it’s a social place where you can go with friends to have a drink, participate in literary conferences or just read a book on a sofa.

Make sure to choose a great Argentinian author like Mariana Enríquez, who was born in Buenos Aires in 1973. She wrote Things We Lost in the Fire, and The Dangers of Smoking in Bed which was nominated for the International Man Booker award.

44. Ride a Bike at Costañera Norte

Biking along the docks of the River of La Plata is a must. This long pathway has been converted into a very pleasant walkway through parks and fishermen’s docks. This place is ideal for the sunny Sundays with family or friends.

45. Visit the Memory Museum in the Bulnes District

This museum is the place where the “desaparecidos” from the dictatorship were detained. It is not only a museum but also a place of memory as the guided explicative tour shows it. It is worth a visit if you want to know more about Argentinean history and about this part of the past that isn’t well-known yet.

46. Dance tango in the Catedral Milonga

A milonga is a highly codified place where amateur and professional dancers meet to dance Tango. Go to the Catedral to experience the old bohemian atmosphere of Buenos Aires. This huge place with chandeliers and sofas is perfect to feel the beats of Tango in a pleasant atmosphere.

47. Listen to a Concert at the Bomba del Tiempo

This is an open-air show of percussions taking place every Monday. Have a beer and let yourself be guided by the sounds and the rhythm of this special music.

San Martín Place in Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Valo

48. Go to the Retiro District to See the English Tower

Located in front of San Martín Place, this clock tower monument was built for the centenaries of the revolution of May 1870. Its chime is the same as Big Ben in London, and this tower gives this district a real Britannic identity.

49. Sail on the Delta Parana in Tigre

Tigre is the Venice of Argentina, with many houses on the banks of the river. Tigre is a real change of scenery, located 45 minutes from Buenos Aires. Participate in the Sunday ferias or take a boat to wander between the houses on the river. You can even stop on an island to swim or discover the impressive wildlife and vegetation of the region. It’s perfect for a Sunday!

50. Check Out the Street Art in Barracas

In this southern district of Buenos Aires, there are a lot of murals like the painting named The return of Quinquela, which has beat the record of the longest work of street art (2000 square meters). Similarly, Lanín Street with its wall mosaic is worth a visit!

51. Visit the Palace of Glass (Palais de Glace0

this stunning gallery was originally built to house an ice rink, hence its name. It is now the national government’s most eminent institutional space for showcasing Argentine art, and the site of the annual Salon Nacional de Artes Visuales – one of Argentina’s most important art competitions.

52. Visit an Estancia in San Antonio de Areco

Estancia in San Antonio de Areco in Argentina
Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim

This is a small town an hour and a half from Buenos Aires. This classical place is the home of the gauchos; the Argentinean cowboys. Ride horses in the legendary Pampa, eat meat asado and drink mate and live a perfect traditional day.

So, are you ready to go to Buenos Aires? Have you been to Buenos Aires? What are your favorite things to do in Buenos Aires?

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