6 Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

A Few Precautions Help Reduce Risks So You Can Focus On Fun

Perhaps more than ever, women are willing to ditch their traveling companions and go solo when it comes time to hit the road and see the world. A survey by Small Luxury Hotels of the World revealed there was a recent 53 percent increase in the demand for rooms by women traveling aloneThe London Daily Mail also reports that some hotels have taken steps to make their accommodations more appealing to women traveling on their own, with such features as women-only floors. 

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Despite the trend, many women may worry that solitary excursions carry too many risks, making them a target for thieves, kidnappers, and other criminals. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few of the top tips for women traveling solo.

6 Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

•  Steer clear of the most dangerous locations. Simply put, some places just aren’t worth the risk, so avoid “no go” neighborhoods, cities and countries. If a destination is truly important to you, do your research and talk to a few travelers who have recently visited. Also, even the safest cities have locations can be dangerous if you are out at night on your own or head to a bad part of town.

•  Connect with friendly contacts. You can make yourself known to the U.S. embassy or consul. You can research other travel groups to see if there are other solo travelers who will be in a location at the same time as you.

•  Learn the language or at least useful phrases. Even if it’s just a few key words, speaking the language can come in handy if you need to seek assistance. Understanding what others are saying also can alert you to potential dangers.

•  Dress wisely, pay attention to manners and spend money in moderation. Essentially, don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself. There are locations where a miniskirt, short shorts or even showing your shoulders are not acceptable.

• Keep money and identification safe. There are many options for keeping your valuables safe. Clever Travel Companion is a company that makes underwear and tank top undershirts with secret pockets where you can keep money, credit cards and even your passport safe.

Pick pocket-proof underwear

Another great option for keeping your valuables safe during travels is the Baggallini anti-theft collection.  The bags have cut-proof straps and locking zippers to deter pickpockets and bag snatching. Inside the center portion of the purse is a pouch that is connected by a small carabiner. The pouch has RFID-blocking technology that protects personal information from being scanned and stolen.  My favorite purse in this line is the anti-theft cross over crossbody bag. It’s super cute and has lots of pockets to help keep all of my items organized.

Baggallini anti-theft bag

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•  Travel Locally. You will miss many of the world’s must-see places, but if the thought of traveling abroad holds too much stress for you, it might be better to stick closer to home, at least until you become more comfortable as a solo traveler.

Sure, there are risky places and bad types out there. But with the right precautions, women can travel solo with confidence, visiting the places and meeting the people they always dreamed of and returning home with wonderful stories and memories.

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  1. When I stumbled upon this post I didn’t expect to read about hiding your passport in your underpants, ha-ha 🙂 Anyway, great tips, safety should be regarded with maximum seriousness.

    1. All kidding aside, it is a great place to keep your passport safe! They also have a tank top with hidden pockets that I love to pack when I travel.

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