5 Reasons MSC Cruises Are A Perfect Family Vacation

I recently cruised for the first time with my son, Roland. I quickly realized that cruising is a perfect family vacation because everyone in the family gets to have their perfect vacation (even the parents!). I feel like a secret has been kept from me for years and now just realized that cruising is the best way for parents to get the vacation of their dreams and kids to have their best trip ever.

MSC Cruises, a family-owned company is also the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line.  While MSC Cruises have always had a focus on family, they recently introduced several new programs to truly make an MSC Cruise the trip of a lifetime for kids!

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Matteo Mancini, MSC cruise manager of the youth activities program said, “Children are on board from all over the world. They are from different cultures and speak different languages. They are still able to cook, build with Legos and play sports together without speaking the same language”.

5 Reasons MSC Cruises Are A Perfect Family Vacation

Let’s get real. If the kids love the activities on-board a ship and can’t wait to head to the kids club or teen club, it means mom and dad are also able to relax and have a bit of adult fun. MSC Cruises offers activities and clubs for kids from 3-17. There are four clubs; BabyTime for kids 3 years old and under,  Mini for kids 3-6 years old, Junior Club for kids 7-11 years old and Young Club Y-Teen for 12-14 and 15-17 years old.

Here are just a few of the new programs that could make this the perfect cruise for your kids and in turn for the adults too!

    1. DOREBRO Sports Program

      This is on-board entertainment designed especially for kids 3 to 17 years old who love sports. My son is all about basketball at the moment. When I heard about the Dobrero program, I knew exactly what his number one activity of the day would be! Sports include football, basketball, baseball, handball and dodge ball. They kids work with sport coaches by age group (3-6; 7-11; 12-17 year olds). Don’t worry, if you are a kid at heart and love sports too, parents are welcome to join the family activities which offer fun competitions and prizes.

    2. DOREMI Chef by Carlo Cracco

      A cooking class designed in collaboration with the two-starred Michelin chef Carlo Cracco is another new kids activity. This idea came from children. When MSC asked some pint sized cruisers what they’d like to do on-board they asked for a cooking class!

      Led by MSC Cruises chefs and the on-board MSC Cruises mascot DOREMI, children aged 3 to 11 will learn to make meals such as homemade pasta from scratch. At the end of the course, each child receives an official mini-chef certificate signed by Carlo Cracco himself.

    3. LEGO® MSC Cruises Toy Experience

      msc cruise lego family activity

      The LEGO Experience encompasses a whole day on every cruise itinerary that is dedicated to LEGO® activities. The LEGO Experience Day includes a program of activities, which have been specifically developed in collaboration with the LEGO Group to offer something for children of all ages, including the DUPLO® Play Pen construction challenge for children under the age of three to a LEGO® Vertical Play Wall challenge where teams compete to build a vertical structure against a specially created wall as well as LEGO® Tech Challenge with all of the latest games consoles to play LEGO videogames.At the end of the day, children will graduate with a LEGO diploma and be presented with a souvenir certificate by the LEGO Sailor mascot – verifying that they are now a Junior Master Builder.

    4. DOREMI Disco

      MSC Cruises mascot Doremi plays DJ at this fun family disco party. Along with other fun family events like talent shows, this is a cruise highlight for many families.

    5. Kids sail FREE Year-Round

      Of course I saved the best for last! Kids sail free year-round on cruises with Anytime & Early Booking Rates. You can find all the details for the kids sail free program here: www.msccruisesusa.com/Kids-Cruise-Free

      Bonus Reason Why MSC Cruises Are A Perfect Family Vacation: After a year filled with enhancements to the family offerings on MSC Cruises, they have added a new program called ‘KELLY+KLOE’ which runs across the entire fleet. The youth engaged web series tells the story of how two young girls whose father is the captain of the cruise get into adventure and mischief along with the butler and two MSC Cruises staff members.

Those were my top 5 Reasons MSC Cruises Are A Perfect Family Vacation plus an extra bonus! I didn’t even mention that MSC sails to 190 destinations in 73 countries. If you could sail to any of MSC’s destinations where would you go?

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5 Reasons MSC Cruises Are A Perfect Family Vacation

5 Reasons MSC Cruises Are A Perfect Family Vacation

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  1. I love the idea of the cruise disco! My kids are big dancers and would love it… and I might want to sneak in, too!

  2. I hate cruises. In fact, google that phrase and an article I wrote will be near the top of the results. HOWEVER, I see how they are very good options for certain people, especially those with kids or are older. It sounds like there was a lot to keep your kids entertained on the ship, which is also great for you!

  3. Wow! This sounds great! Some friends were enquiring the other day about cruises and they have young children. This should be just the thing they need.

  4. It’s so hard to please everyone on a vacation, but I totally agree that a cruise can check all the boxes, as long as you pick the right ship and itinerary. I’m sure the LEGO experience is a huge hit.

  5. It would seem important to include kids activities on board a cruise ship to keep them occupied.

    As someone with no kids, I enjoy family-friendly establishments for people watching and observing family dynamics (important for a writer). Looks like this cruise would be ideal for all that.

  6. Where would I go? I’m not a big fan of cruises but would happily make an exception for a week or more in Scandinavia. (I really like the cooking class idea, too.)

  7. So important to have activities for both the adults and for kids of all ages, it sounds as though MSC really have it right, so the parents can relax while the kids still have an absolute blast!

  8. Absolutely Alexa…I completely agree. I have been on a cruise only once and though I enjoyed it, I wish I had my entire BIG family along as well. It would be so much fun with everyone around 🙂

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