52 Perfect Days Travel Podcast Guest Application

Do you love your hometown? Do you want to share it with the world (or at least the 52 Perfect Days audience)?

I’m looking for people to interview who have the inside scoop on locations around the world! The 52 Perfect Days podcast is all about sharing how to spend a perfect day in one location from an insider’s point of view. 

Be a Guest on the 52 Perfect Days Travel Podcast

The 52 Perfect Days Travel Podcast features destinations from around the world. This podcast is geared towards people who love to travel and are looking for great reasons to visit a new destination. 

The podcast will feature how to spend a perfect day in a destination and specifically share lesser-known aspects of the location. The podcast is all about offering new and exciting reasons for my followers to add (and prioritize) these locations to their travel schedule.

What I’m looking for: People who want to share their hometown or somewhere recently visited for an extended period of time. Someone who truly knows a location. 

What I’m not looking for: Someone who has spent a few days or weeks in a city or town. A location you haven’t visited in the last year. 

Please fill out this form to apply to be a featured guest.

About the 52 Perfect Days Podcast

  • The 52 Perfect Days audio Podcast will launch in early 2020.
  • Each episode will run between 15-20 minutes and focus on how to spend one perfect day. The recording process should take no more than 30 minutes.
  • This show isn’t meant to cover every aspect of a destination. It is meant to share a part of your story and provide the listeners with new reasons to visit. What is beyond the surface? What is a great aspect of your hometown that visitors don’t know?
  • This travel podcast is about Destinations and I am looking for tips to visit a location “like a local” and insider info.
  • The podcast is not about focusing on the obvious. So, if you are pitching San Diego, we won’t be focusing on World Famous San Diego Zoo and the top 10 list that can be found on Trip Advisor.
  • Episodes Will be Published Every Thursday.

Overview of the 52 Perfect Days Podcast Interview Process

Each episode will run between 15-20 minutes and focus on one perfect day in the city or town. Each episode should have a theme (family, outdoors, luxury, budget, cultural, heritage, foodie, wine, beer, etc). Interviews will include:

  • Introduction of Guest
  • The laundry list  Chance to “share the obvious”. What your location is most known for. The obvious. Bragging rights. Why your town already on the map? These would be the must do’s for somebody who has never been to the city before. These are the things that are easy to look up on TripAdvisor and anywhere else. The touristy must-dos. Leave out any touristy items that are truly not worthy IYO.  
  • Main Interview = details of how to spend a perfect day that is insider POV. Something truly interesting, out of ordinary, hidden gems. This will include the basic format of:
    • best breakfast
    • where to go/what to do
    • Lunch
    • where to go/what to do
    • dinner
    • fun nightlife (if it fits)
    • Hotel suggestions that go beyond chains based on your interview topic (family, budget, boutique, B&B, luxury, ultra-luxury, etc)
    • Best time to visit for the best weather. Best time to visit for good weather plus fewer tourists.
    • Best way to get around the city or location. Car, Uber, walking, public transportation?
    • Must eat foods while you are in the location. What foods is it famous for?
    • Best spot for photos and top instagrammable moments

Note: When you mention Restaurants; get specific about why that restaurant. Any specific dishes that are a must-try. Is the chef famous? Is it about the ambiance? Is it that it’s a famous location? The oldest bar in town? Why?

Podcast Guest Benefits:

I’m looking for locals for this podcast. Whether you are a tour guide, a travel blogger or simply an advocate for your corner of the world I’d love to chat with you! If you happen to have a website that is travel related, you will receive the following:

  • Chance to be an authority on your city or town. 
  • Exposure to my audience (via podcast, website, social media and email). 
  • Do follow link to your website from blog post (shownotes).
  • Links to your social accounts from blog post (shownotes).
  • Social posts promoting the podcast that tag your business and/or website.


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About Your Podcast Host: Alexa

Alexa-Glider-OahuI am the founder of 52 Perfect Days, a travel website focusing on how to spend a perfect day in locations around the world.

I’m also a wife, mother, social media strategist, traveler, writer, and photographer. I’m a gluten-free foodie, lover of wine (especially cabernet and bold reds), a tennis fan and devotee of Kundalini yoga.

I was born in Paris, France. There are two trips that hold the biggest place in my heart and my memory and are the ones that confirmed in me a true love and passion for exploration and travel. You can read about them both on a post at breakintotravelwriting

For me, travel is about experiencing other cultures, tasting new foods, meeting new friends—both locals and travelers—it’s about expanding who I am as a human being. It’s also about sharing my experiences with words and photos.

I have a goal to share and teach anyone with a passion for travel and a desire to share their story, how to become a travel writer. Let me share my story and tips from other experts so you can learn how you can travel more and do it for free (or pretty darn close to free).

I am also the host of the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast and website, which launched in 2014. 

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