We had a great response to our 2009 Travel Writing Contest and received more submissions than ever. Thanks to all the writers for the excellent submissions for our 2009 theme Responsible Travel: “EcoTourism, AgroTourism, Sustainable Tourism and Voluntourism” travel writing contest. The thoughtful submissions ranged from excellent stories of learing about Florida’s concern of turtles (ecotourism) to how the women of a small town in Appalachia created a name for themselves selling grape pies (agrotourism).

1st Prize

Turtle Touring and Gator Gawking: A Mid-Summer Night’s Eco-Adventure in South Florida
by Bob Tucker.

2nd Prize
Eco-friendly Los Angeles by Kimberly Fisher. Winner of a website by ZD Design.

3rd Prize

Appalachia Hosts World’s Greatest Grape Pie Contest
by Angela Cannon-Crothers. Winner of a Kelty backpack.

Honorable Mention Sian Ka’an: Where the Spirits Carry You Away by Julie Jones
Honorable Mention Hawaii’s Angels of the Sea by Shelley Seale
Honorable Mention The Luck of the Whale Shark by Dave Good
Honorable Mention Searching for Manatee on the Indian River Lagoon by Angela Cannon-Crothers
Honorable Mention A Volunteer’s Perspective: Grand Canyon North Rim Vegetation Trip by Kelly Egan

2008 Contest Winners

1st Prize
South Dakota’s Hidden Treasure: Custer State Park by Marion Head

2nd Prize
Off the Radar in Point Reyes by Catherine Parker

3rd Prize
Oysters at the Moby by Perry Perkins

Honorable Mention Seneca Falls, New York: A Revolutionary Destination by Jacquelin Cangro
Honorable MentionLees Ferry––Discover Your Frontier Spirit by Julia Drake