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52 Perfect Days City Guide

City Guides Wanted: Join the 52 Perfect Days Family!

We’re hiring writers who have in-depth knowledge about the city they call home. We are looking for City Guides who have a passion about the city they live in, have their finger on the pulse of the city, are an in-the-know person with a desire to share what makes their city great with others. We are looking for Guides who can tap into all facets of the city and reach out to a wide range of visitors with hip stylish content.

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Become a City Guide

4 reasons to become a City Guide for
1. Share your writing and expertise with millions of visitors each month.
2. Build your writing portfolio
3. Earn money
4. It’s Fun

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 52 Perfect Days City Guide! We will be launching Portland as our prototype and are currently taking applications to hire guides for all other locations on the site and more. If you believe you have what it takes to be an 52 Perfect Days Guide, we would love to hear from you.

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