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Nicole Marre is a graduate student and aspiring novelist living in San Diego California. She has worked as an editor and enjoys writing articles for lifestyle magazines. Between writing about topics such as travel, culture and food she travels the world for inspiration. She has been delighted by the sites of Asia, Europe, Central and South America as well as the undiscovered haunts in her own backyard.

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Exploring San Diego Wine Bars

San Diego is often thought of a beach town where young people and college students get rowdy seven days a week. While this may be partially true, it must be mentioned that San Diego also has a growing sophisticated side. San Diego has blossomed in the last few years as people with refined tastes have voiced their needs for new evening activities. What do people with refined tastes drink? Wine.

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Gluten Free Dining in San Diego

With gluten friendly fare in big demand, San Diego’s hippest restaurants are quickly educating themselves and developing delicious options. "Gluten friendly" has become a growing demand as approximately 1 in 133 people are said to have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten which requires eliminating wheat, barley and rye from the diet and it takes creativity to establish menu items without these ingredients.

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